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Category Replicas
Subcategory Snipers
Model Mauser SR-96
Brand ASG
Propulsion Spring
Shoot modes Single
Cost 160 GBP
Range 225 feet (68.58 meters)
Fire rate 25 rounds/min
Magazine cap 28
Battery life -1 hours
Weight 5500 grams (12.13 lbs)
Size 120 centimeters
General Informations
Creation date January 10, 2012
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Comments 5
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Language English
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Keywords: l96, sniper, sniping, sexy

The clasic L96 rifle, one of my favorite sniper rifles. Seemed a little smaller in Battlefeild 2 though but it was amazing! Also british made and i beleive its either a clone of the Well or its an ASG production of the Well.

Cosmetics, Flexibility and Build:

The gun is made from a decent plastic with a good thickness to it of about 3 mm. with a nice matte finish on it, The receiver is made from aluminium or steel and its solid and thick, mostly all of the internals are metal exept the piston and sadly, the trigger box housing which can be replaced with a cheap aftermarket metal one that is compatible with the Well L96.

This gun is built realy solidly and with little or no wobble or creaks. The only parts that wobble are the front sling mounts, and the bipod 20mm mount which is not much of an issue. The but is made from rubber and is adjustable to i think 3 levels aswell as the cheekrest as you may be able to se in the picture i have lost. It wasnt good quality anyways it was made from plastic and it was hard so i am not realy bothered.

The barrel is made from a long hollow (presumably aluminium) tube with a textured matte finish on it also, it gives the gun a nice clean finish and look to it.

Unfortunately with most spring sniper rifles of this class, they arent as flexible as an assault rifle will be, infact its not usualy required as most people who are snipers would just require a scope on their gun. Lasers are like flares saying "IM HERE SHOOT ME". Pretty much every other accessory appart from optics are either dumb or useless on a sniper rifle. So in terms of sniper rifles this is as flexible as they get with an 20 cm picatinny optic rail and a picatinny bipod mount and bipod included with the gun. This gun is also compatable with WELL L96 magazines!

On the otherhand of flexibility this gun is completely upgradable, it comes out the box at 440 ish fps with .20's but you can push 600, But in the UK max is 500. SO probably what id do is just get a stronger spring and new trigger box and bump it up to 490 ish fps with .43's. So i can get consistant shots and let the person ive shot feel it.

Performance and Reliability:

This gun performs well under all conditions because its a springer. Hop up works well nice consistant flat shots and the cocking action is smooth and crisp. The trigger is nice, its a two stage trigger (one stage safety one stage fire)

One of the biggest problem i had with my rifle was after a while the trigger box inside cracks at the screw heads holding it ionto the bolt assembly which will result in failure to cock and accidental discharges without touching the trigger. In other words total catastrophic failure of the gun. So do not drop it unless you have a full metal trigger box in it. Ive seeon nice ones for 40 GBP on the web.

Ive found that the barrel becomes loose over time and begins to become sort of "Turney" Ive embeded a video to show you what i mean But it isnt much of a problem as it dosnt affect the path of the pellet in any way. I do not know how to fix this so hopefuly someone knows. I dont know if its inherant of all L96 rifles out there but we will soon find out!

Magazines for this gun are realy reliable and actualy quite nice they are also WELL magazines which are only 13 GBP at the moment. Ive never had a feed issue appart from the time when i got oil in the hop chamber (stupid me) which i did clean out with some cotton swabs and water.

The last thing that i have to say about the gun is that the cheek piece is fully adjustable buts made out of plastic and ive had a few cracks in mine and it eventualy fell off so i thaught meh the gun is fantastic and i can always see about an after market one.


This is a pretty nice looking rifle at only 160 pounds for the rifle, magazine, bipod and i think they come with a scope too this is an excellent starter kit for sniper newbies. Totaly upgradable and solid. And undestructable after a few upgrades.

Id reccomend this if you are starting out sniping, or if you want a descent platform to upgrade on. Pretty much if you like the rifle buy it as there is not realy anything special about the rifle. Other than it looks sexy to some people.

Thanks for reading guys, happy fragging!

- Excellent Starter Sniper
- Descent FPS Out of the box
- Cheap
- Fairly Reliable and Accurate
- Sturdy
- Some Parts Break Over Time
- Long, Sometimes bumps things
- Heavy For Smaller People
Esthetism rating: 9/10
Performance rating: 7/10
Precision rating: 9/10
Accessories rating: 9/10
Quality rating: 8/10
Overall rating:

Arktic Very nice review! Having had the WELL L96 for a good while I did a lot to mine to get it shooting straight. To stop the outer barrel from twisting there should be a short grub screw on the under side of the bolt assembly. Close to where the hop up is. Tighten it down to stop it from twisting around.

As for a trigger box. I went for the TSD Steel trigger box. Was only $28 or something. I got it from some random American retailer that doesnt ship outside the USA so had to make special arrangements to get it to me here in South Africa. The TSD box should work in your rifle as well.

Another nice mod that I did was I split the body shell in half. I then used the high density foam that comes with AEG packaging, the hard-ish black foam, and filled up the space in the body. I cut the foam to fit the gaps so that the stock would be more solid and help with sound absorption. I then used about 1kgs worth of lead fishing sinkers (weights) and added them in various places in the body.

This gave the rifle a much more balanced feeling and made it easier to fire while standing up as the weight was more towards the back. The rifle ended up at 6.3kgs! But the weight is well placed so you don't really notice the increase.

Good luck with your rifle :)

7 years ago

jamoy1993 Thanks for the good comment, As if the rifle wasnt as heavy! Ive heard of people taking the weights out! Il certainly try inserting some foam to absorb sound as that sounds like a nice idea! You could perhaps link some photos of the inside of your stock to me for reference?

7 years ago

Arktic Take a look at my mod thread here. www.airsoftza.co.za/forum/viewtopic.php I didnt show the installing of the foam as that came a little while after the upgrades. Take a look at theses pics. www.airsoftza.co.za/forum/download/file.php and www.airsoftza.co.za/forum/download/file.php

7 years ago

Arktic Links aren't posting properly so just copy paste them into the browser.

7 years ago

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