Propper Woodland Digital MARPAT Jacket/Pants

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If you're looking for camouflage that works, this is one of your best bets. Many times have I been wearing my full suit for airsoft and people will say that in broad daylight all they could see was a floating gun.

In Action

In action this camo is amazing. I've been in spots where people know I'm there but can not see me then end up stepping on me. (lol) I've gone up against people with ACUs, ABUs, and regular BDUs and none compare.

The Pants

The pants I have are not the same brand as the jacket but are very close. I have had them for nearly 2 1/2 years and they have done amazing (Though they are starting to look worn from the hundreds of airsoft games).


Basically same as the pants, comy and very nice to fight in. The pockets in the jacket are different then the regular issue Marine Jackets but are bigger. Most of what I said about the pants also apply here.


- Pants: Comfortable to run and fight in. Great for hiding. Uses Buttons instead of velcro for stealth ops.
- Jacket: Nice pockets for documents such as a map or target list or photos of a target Has pockets on elbow for elbow pads
- Pants: none
- Jacket: Velcro Pockets (These can be great and bad depending on the situation, I'm usually trying to be sneaky so these suck to use because they're loud)
Esthetism rating: 9/10
Performance rating: 10/10
Precision rating: 8/10
Accessories rating: 7/10
Quality rating: 10/10
Overall rating:

DinoMan05 I'm planning on getting this with a coyote tan vest.

7 years ago

TheHobo777 That works great with this along with the Desert MARPAT, and ACU uniforms.

6 years ago

RomanShield I think it really depends on where your at. In the Desert or snow this would not do well.

7 years ago

TheHobo777 I do agree to a certain extent. This stuff actually does do pretty good in wooded areas with snow, but in just snow with no brush or woods it would do poor. The desert MARPAT iis great for Desert.

7 years ago

RomanShield We use Woodland in Urban area of training in the Marines. Snow we wear woodland Marpat bottoms with White Snow Jacket.

7 years ago

TheHobo777 Gotcha. Yeah Marines totally have their camouflage down, though multicam is pretty nice too.

7 years ago

arkofleather Its nice to see these products, can you send me the right person contact , where I can talk about these products

7 years ago

TheHobo777 This is the marine corp section for Propper clothing. (Propper is the brand).

7 years ago

TheHobo777 Please also note Propper equipment can get very expensive.

7 years ago

TheHobo777 Here is also where you can find the whole list of Propper Coats/jackets.

7 years ago

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