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Category Replicas
Subcategory Assault rifle
Model Steyre AUG HC
Brand Tokyo Marui
Propulsion Electric
Shoot modes Semi-auto Auto
Cost 299 GBP
Range 40 meters (131.23 feet)
Fire rate 1500 rounds/min
Magazine cap 330
Battery life 5 hours
Weight 2800 grams (6.17 lbs)
Size 610 centimeters
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Creation date January 23, 2012
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Keywords: Tokyo, Marui, Steyr, Aug, High, Cycle, HC

The Steyr AUG is an Austrian Bull-pup firing the NATO 5.56mm round. The AUG was developed in the early 70's by the Steyr GmbH & Co. AUG stands for "Armee Universal Gewehr" - found courtesy of my German housemate. It was adopted by the Austrian Army where it replaced what is now the FN FAL. It started production in the late 70's and was accepted into service by the Austrian and Argentinian Army in the late 80's (1988). Before then it was a national police firearm.

The airsoft high cycle version is a very interesting story. This model is what looks like a Steyr A3 however it features a fore rail that I have never seen on a real AUG. This new model is a breath of fresh air in my opinion. The gun is both functional and space age looking.

The new TM HC guns are part of a new generation of airsoft rifle which has been "factory tuned" to out perform its predecessors. The gearbox internals have been a mystery for many months as no one I know has had the bravery to dismantle such a highly tuned gear box.

The Tokyo Marui Standard

The first thing that hit me when I received this gun was that the rifle came in a unusually outstanding box. Even for Tokyo Marui, this box was extravagant. The AUG HC comes in a very thick card box with all the components Velcro zip-tied in place (I love Velcro zip-ties, such a good idea). Once I managed to pry the AUG out of the Velcro ties, I was pleasantly surprised by the weight. The gun is nearly 3kg which is light, but not too light. You can happily wield this thing around corners and support it in one hand without pushing yourself however, you're not going to forget it's there!

The overall finish of the gun was very impressive, although the AUG is all ABS, the rails are either heavy weight ABS or metal (more likely metal for the price). The TM finish allows for what is the platform for a very good looking bull-pup. The charging mechanism and iron sights are metal however the charging handle is plastic - I can see this breaking fast! The gun comes with a standard 330rd high cap (which we later found out was a horrible idea) and a magpul style fore grip. In my opinion the fore grip is too small however I would hope there is some logic behind such a short grip.

The battery storage is very efficient on this gun as it will only take a very precise 8.4v 1500mAh battery. I would assume the reason for this is to stop people wrecking the internals with a more powerful battery. This gun is by no means LiPo ready and I would strongly recommend talking to a local expert about installing a LiPo in this thing. My reason for saying is as follows. I did the standard chronograph test when I took it out the box. It clocked 280fps which is standard for a TM. I then did a 1.5second burst on the ROF setting and it clocked in 23rps.... This is on a 8.4v, the 9.6v would push a further 15% out of the ROF and I would dread to think what a LiPo would do to the ROF and the internals!

The sad aspect of this rifle is the RPS is too high for a high capacity magazine to keep up with. In a 1.5 second burst you will completely empty the magazine you just wound up! During our game day experience the tester was having to wind furiously after each short burst. We found from testing that the effective range on full auto and semi auto is about the same. The group on full auto is also outstanding, coming it at around 4-5cm for about 17 rounds (tried 10 but this was too slow for the gun). Under a flash light it looks like a laser beam of BBs!

In terms of features this gun has some very clever and admirable features. Firstly the hop is adjusted through the breach (like most), however, the hop is clearly labelled so you know which way does what. The breach is also ambidextrous with a rubber breach cover which allows you to access the hop regardless of being a lefty or a righty. The fire selector and mag release are ambidextrous as well with the fire selector giving a satisfying and reassuring click when you change firing mode. The gun comes with 3 modes - safe, semi, auto. On auto, you have a 2 stage trigger which allows for precision single shots as well as a hail of BBs in some poor souls direction.

Battery life doesn't seem to be an issue with this gun, the gear box is so lightly sprung that a 1500mAh battery lasted us an entire day. I can imagine anyone who is trigger happy will have a massive investment on this as we spent nearly 5000 rounds in the day ... not because we're trigger happy but because a short trigger squeeze can empty as much as 30 rounds. I would invest in mid caps if this was my rifle as the TM high caps get very troublesome to constantly be rewinding!


Overall I feel like this is an outstanding rifle. Maybe a little bit pricey for what you get but all the same worth it. The Tokyo Marui quality never fails to impress me despite the all ABS finish. The gun is both sturdy and light weight. I am personally a GBBR man ... so it would be unfair of me to make any prejudice on the noise this gun makes firing ... just think hair dryer. The top, side and bottom rail have ample enough space to fit anything you desire in and thanks to the lightweight design it wont over weigh the gun.

It's a shame TM supply the HC series with high caps, as mid caps would be more ideal for this kind of rifle. There are 80 round TM mid caps which come at half the price of the high caps. The gun may also be prone to a lot of external wear due to the all ABS design and the very flat matte black finish. If this was a cheaper rifle I would have seriously invested in this when it was released. On the counter side, for the money you are getting a very well engineered factory rifle. There is not a lot that you can do to it without changing the high cycle tuning!

Other than aesthetic upgrades, a new hop rubber, tight-bore barrel and possibly a LiPo upgrade is all that I could see improving the performance of this gun. Despite the FPS it has very respectable range and accuracy, however I would personally avoid any gearbox upgrades as I would hate to ruin such an amazing piece of airsoft engineering!

- Good finish
- Unholy ROF
- Compact & lightweight
- Sturdy design
- A little too pricey
- ABS finish prone to damage
- High caps not good appropriate for design
Esthetism rating: 8/10
Performance rating: 10/10
Precision rating: 9/10
Accessories rating: 8/10
Quality rating: 10/10
Overall rating:

AR1U5 Lol was this my HC that you reviewed :P

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gimo1187 awesome!!!!

6 years ago

S3V3R Sorry for lack of photos on this review. My memory card with all the photos for my next 3 reviews was damaged over the Christmas period.

6 years ago

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