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HAKKOTSU's Thurber Bs are a CO2 powered, reusable, flashbang grenade device that brings a level of intimidation and power to the field not previously available. Thunder Bs are a fraction of the cost of some BB delivery devices or other sound distraction devices, however, it is LOUDER then anything on the market that is not a pyrotechnic.


Thunder Bs are available in 4 (3 being reviewed) versions. Version 1 (a&b) are your simple pineapple grenade and flashbang shells, Version 2 is a flashbang with reenforced caps to prevent explosions at the seams and Version 3 which resembles more of a “stun device”. You can purchase each version as a players kit (cylinder, spoon, pins, 10 shells) or as a 3 pack (cylinder, spoon, pins, 3 shells). CO2 cartridges are sold separately.

The Thunder Bs many versions are a result of some issues that have arisen, all having to do with the outer shell of the device its self. Version 1s flashbang shell would many times tear at the seams once the CO2 cartridge has been punctured. This caused the sound to either be more of a hiss, or just dull in comparison to the desired “bang”. Version 2 saw the introduction hard plastic caps that screw into the top and bottom of the flashbang, preventing the CO2 to escape at the seams. However, with more parts, comes more things to lose. Ergo, Version 3 saw an increase in quality of the shell, as well as a new design all together. The shell resembles more of a “stun” device then a “flash” device from the real world. This design increases the strength at the top and bottom of the device, causing the pressure to escape in the middle portion of the shell. This provides the user with a louder bang because of the increased pressure used to overcome the increased strength of the shell. Basicly, the more resistance, the more pressure is needed, which then increases the volume of CO2 escaping the shell when that strength is finally overcome.

In Action

I have been carrying the Thunder Bs in my load out for 8 months and I will never leave them behind. I purchased the players pack that originally came with enough equipment to have two working Thunder Bs and 8-10 extra shells. To protect the Thunder Bs, I also purchased an OE Tech double flashbang holder and found it to be to small; a common issue with a lot of OE Tech’s gear. Now, they are carried in double M16/M4 mag pouches from Pantac USA.

The Thunder Bs have made an immediate impact on the field and of course the CQB arena. Depending on the rules of the field you play at, Thunder Bs may be counted as a grenade kill within a certain diameter of where it lands/explodes, or it may just be used as what it is; a distraction device. Either way, it is an excellent tool for distracting a sniper, or disrupting the movement of a superior force.

Caution should be used however, when throwing these grenades for two reasons. One, you do not what to over hand throw these devices, simple because you do not want to harm someone by throwing them like a baseball. Two, make sure to throw them into larger rooms, as an explosion in a room 10ft x 10ft or smaller will cause temporary hearing loss and more than likely anger the players on the receiving end.

I have made a practice of “cooking” my grenades because of their fuse time. More than once I have had them thrown back at me. If you should do this, make sure to experiment with them FIRST; there have been a few instances where they have exploded prematurely due to the shells being stored in a heated environment. The safest way to decrease the fuse time would be to glue 1-2 pennies to the bottom of the cylinder cap. This allows a larger hole to be punctured into the CO2 cylinder, releasing the CO2 faster into the flashband shell. Make sure to seal all the screws hand tight to insure that CO2 does not leak, and this will also help decrease the fuse time.

One of the only issues I have had with the Thunder Bs has been on the field. I was initially very aggressive in deploying the Thunder B whenever and where ever I could. Many times this would cause me to lose the Thunder B once in exploded. To resolve this, I placed bright orange duck tape to the cylinder (not the shell) so that when the shell explodes, the orange tape is visible among the dense green/brown colors in the vegetation. The simplest way to eliminate loss is to make sure you are throwing the grenades in an area that you can actually see/recover them. Even if you have tape on them, they may not be retrievable if you cannot get to them.


The Thunder Bs are a cost effective, cheap alternative to providing a grenade/blast option to your load out. Also reusable, they are a fraction of the cost of some BB deliver devices that required green gas, and are not as affective in the field arena.

- Mostly Reusable
- Effective
- Cost
- Need to purchase CO2 cartridges
- Sometimes long Fuse Time
Esthetism rating: 8/10
Performance rating: 9/10
Precision rating: 8/10
Accessories rating: 9/10
Quality rating: 9/10
Overall rating:

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