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Model SI Assault Gloves
Brand Oakley
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In increasingly common use by the military (and Private Operatives) the Oakley SI (Standard Issue) Assault Gloves are finding themselves new homes in the world of Airsofting.

Perhaps over-kill for Airsofting, these gloves should protect those delicate hands & pinkies from most things the environment can throw, drop or fire at them. The excellent carbon fibre ‘knuckle dusters' although take a little time to break in and become comfortable are practically guaranteed to protect the exposed knuckles to any BB hits in battle. I did find some slight rubbing against the knuckle occurred on the right glove but not the left, which seems to have disappeared after a few skirmishes with them. A strong durable palm with a good textured finish compliments these gloves.

Check out the full review: airsoftodyssey.blogspot.com/2009/02/oakley-si-assault-gloves-review.html

Do you need originals? Really?

The Index and middle fingers on left & right gloves have an extra textured area for increased grip (described in the blurb as a high friction surface). And if you really needed to know, a nose wipe area on the thumb!


Don’t get me wrong, these are truly excellent gloves, but the price is steep in some places so shop around for good prices (I’ve seen them as cheap as £25 but as expensive as £40 odd? One shop would only sell them if you where a bona fide member of the armed forces or security personnel!). It’s up to you to justify the outlay against the much cheaper China knock-offs. I’ve seen a pair and tried them on (the fit was better for me than the Oakley’s) but how hard wearing is another matter all together. The originals come with Oakley’s famous guarantee, try and obtain free replacements from a China made clone.

If you’re a geardo and must have all the latest kit then you’ve probably already got some, otherwise I’m sure a cheaper alternative could be found. Let down by price otherwise these are excellent gloves.

Others will score these MUCH higher (and they are good gloves)- but over all I feel a copy or other type for airsoft could do the job just as well!

- guaranteed
- look cool
- Reinforced with Kevlar & Carbon fibre knuckle protection
- expensive
- lots wearing them!
Esthetism rating: 5/10
Performance rating: 7/10
Precision rating: 6/10
Accessories rating: 7/10
Quality rating: 7/10
Overall rating:

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