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Hailstorm BBs are a product of Hailstorm Airsoft, located out of New England. Hailstorm promises to provide high quality BBs through science and technology and vow to fix any problem that arises. They promise to be active in the community and follow through with their active presence on Facebook and on the internet via www.hailstormairsoft.com. They also sponsor many popular airsoft teams such as M7, PATCOM, and FKR. While Hailstorm BBs have been around for at least a year, they have recently released their V2 BBs (version 2) to address several issues with their initial run of BBs. Hailstorm Airsoft is not limited to BBs however, and offer an impressive take on the mock suppressor made of carbon fiber, but that will hopefully be another review.

BB Choices:

Hailstorm offers both Biodegradable and Non-Biodegradable BBs in a variety of Grams. While their choices of Bios to not get as heavy as some companies, they are superior to most. Sizes for Bios range from .2-.28s (possibly .30s??). Their non-biodegradable BBs range from .2-.36s. We were given a sample of .36 in BLACK (see our blog @ www.merlinsblogspot.com for our experience using them with our DMR.)

Hailstorm has previously offered BBs in only polished white (hint: hail), but has offered a glimpse on their Facebook page of some future color options. Black appears to be an option as mentioned above in a sample package we were given. Prices are currently only available by e-mailing info@hailstormairsoft.com due to some website issues that will be address soon. However, if you purchase two of any of the same gram, a Hailstorm patch of their triangular logo will be included.

Version 1s:

I originally purchased two bags of .25g biodegradable BBs (because you get a patch, and I’m a patch whore) to try out after seeing so many positive reviews on youtube, and after seeing several patches at various Ops. The BBs come in a sharp, sleek package in your standard size bag, and are a brilliant white.

That’s where the positives stop. I took the BBs out for a test shoot with a few other different brands of BBs, and these just would not work. Using a KWA KM4 RIS (stock), and Magpul P-Mags/E-Mags, Mag mags, King Arms, and Flashmags, the BBs would not continuously fire. The BBs would catch in the barrel, jam, or sail off target.

So after seeing so many positive reviews about these BBs, I decided to give the company an e-mail and find out if there were any other complaints. However, they didn’t respond quite the way I expected. Rather than waiting a few days for a response e-mail, I received a phone call the next day. Gregg explained that he had looked up my purchase date, and I had in fact received V1 BBs. He went on to explain that they had discovered that V1s were susceptible to heat, and required a special coating to prevent the BBs from becoming misshaped due to heat. Gregg further explains the science behind manufacturing a BB and that a special formula is required to get the BB just right to travel through a barrel and to account for wind dynamics.

So for my troubles, Hailstorm sent me a replacement order, and an extra bag of .20 Bios. I was also given a sample of .34s and .36s to try out with my newly constructed DMR (please see my blog at www.merlinsblogspot.com for more info).

Version 2s:

A day or two after my phone conversation, I received a package of Biodegradable .25g and .20g BBs. I didn’t have a chance to test them out prior to my next Op, but I was confident after talk to Gregg that these BBs would perform. See, Gregg explained the experiments that they had performed on their V1 BBs and how they addressed the issues (see Video review for further details.)

I took these bags to a local Op and passed them out to several members of my team, the Dropkick Mercenaries (www.dropkickmercenaries.com). The performance reviews came back with more than positive feedback and marked improvement. I too noticed a mark improvement, without a single jam, miss feed or jam, and remarkable accuracy. For further details, and actual footage of hailstorm in action, please click on the review and game play videos included on this page.

I was also told, that prior to the heat issues with the V1s, there was a few reports of BBs being jammed in the AK Magpul Masada. However, there was no information if the new V2s would have the same issues. A member of the Dropkick Mercenaries (who’s review on the Magpul Masada is the most liked and second highest viewed on airsoft-squared) Gatz, reported that there were no issues with the new V2s. There is an example shoot on our Youtube review included in this review.


In closing, Hailstorm Airsoft has followed through with every promise in their mission statement. They have provided a high quality, high performance BB, fixed an issue with the original design of BB, and continued to reach out to their community. Customer service is extremely lacking in the airsoft industry and Hailstorm Airsoft has stood out from the rest (and not just in the Airsoft Industry.)

Esthetism rating: 9/10
Performance rating: 10/10
Precision rating: 9/10
Accessories rating: 8/10
Quality rating: 9/10
Overall rating:

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