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Category Replicas
Subcategory Pistols
Model G23
Brand KJW
Propulsion Gas
Shoot modes Single Semi-auto
Cost 105 USD
Range 75 feet (22.86 meters)
Magazine cap 20
Weight 2.6 lbs (1,179.34 grams)
Size 7 inches (17.78 cms)
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Creation date March 28, 2012
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Hello all! This is my first written review, and it's on my new pistol. I was initially weary about buying a Glock replica, but after holding the same model at my local airsoft shop I fell in love. Welcome to my first written review, and I hope you enjoy it.

Source Lance Pritt (Cheddar)

Purchase and Shipping

I purchased this replica from Evike. However, they sell the slide and frame seperately for legal issues with selling a Glock replica. The frame come in to colors, OD Green and Black, and will run you $55. The slide only comes in black and will run you $50. So together, the gun will cost you $105 (if you can't count) not including shipping. Speaking of shipping, I went with Evike's standard ground shipping and recieved the gun (along with a multiude of other things in my package) in only two days. Evike's shipping is outstanding, and if you desire this pistol quickly I reccomend buying it from them.

Opening and first thoughts

The pistol will come in two boxes when you recieve it. One of them, a plain white box, will contain a KJW box of BBs, the mag, and the frame. The frame is packaged in a clear plastic bag and is well protected in the bag and the foam it is kept in (shown in the picture). The slide comes in a black box with a white outline of the slide and is packaged, again, in plastic. Both were recieved in great condition. My only gripe is that both the slide and frame were dry and need lube, but that's just nitpicking.

The box also contains the manuals. One is a poster of KJWs other weapons, and another is a catalog of future weapons coming out. The next two manuals are for the G23 and a G27, showing the parts and proper safety procedures. To my surprise, the is no bad English. All of the manuals are of high quality and very informative.

The box also contains a small box of KJW 0.2g BBs. They're of good quality, no seams and fly great.

Build Quality

Build quality is outstanding. The slide is metal and has very little glare to it, just like a real Glock. The slide itself is not very heavy, something that is surprising to me. The iron sights are very easy to acquire with their painted white dots. The frame doesn't look as if it was painted, but was casted from a green mold. Speaking of molding, the seems on the frame are hardly noticeable. A giant plus on any replica.


The frame and slide have no Glock trademarks, which are not that important to me but may to others, but has a KJ logo on the left side of the frame. On the right side of frame, it has various markings such as: "Made in Taiwan" and "Gas Blowback System". A nice touch for safety, but I assume that we all know how to be safe. On the bottom on the rail, there is a small silver piece. This piece acts as the safety, by sliding back and forth, but has a unique serial number (mine being 0289) and is another nice touch to an already very outstanding looking pistol.

Gas Usage, Compatibility, and Accuracy

Gas usage on this replica is phenominal. With the magazine it comes with, I can get 2 to 2 1/2 magazines. While I personally refill a mag after I fire all the bbs, those who don't will love this feature. The cool down on the gun is surprisingly good. I can rapid fire the pistol with very little slow down--until the mag starts to run out of gas ofcourse.

Along with KJW G23 mags, this gun can also use WE G17 mags. They pretrude out the bottom and have to be manually taken out, but they feed and fit perfectly. Personally, the WE mag gives the gun the look that it has a extended mag, to which it does with its capacity of 25 bbs.

Accuracy is not the best. With Matrix 0.25 gram BBs, shots would start to drop after about 60 feet. Although, this might because I have not adjusted my hop up from what it is out of the box. You can hit a human torso sized target at 100 ft, but you will have to lob your BBs.

The first accuracy test was with Matrix .25g BBs at 75 feet. The groupings are circled in black on the picture. The second test was with the same BBs at 50 feet, groupings circled are in silver.

Compatability with accessories and holsters

Glocks are known for their adaptability and compatability. So how does the KJW do in this catergory? Very well actually. The pistol has a rail on the bottom for mounting flashlight, lasers, or whatever your airsofting heart desires. I would also imagine that the KJW Glock 23 is compatible with accessories for other Glocks, both made by airsoft companies and real steel. Holster wise, it fits exceptionally well in holsters made for Glocks and my OE Tech Universal Holster.


Overall, the KJW G23 is an exceptional pistol. It is lightweight, durable, accurate, and comes in a multitude of different colored frames. It's compatibility with TM parts is a giant plus, while the lack of Glock trademarks brings the score down. For the price, the KJW G23 is one of the best pistols you could buy and I highly reccomend it.

- Lightweight
- Different Colors
- Cheap
- Gas usuage is phenominal
- Compatibility with magazines and holsters are great
- Lacks Glock Trademarks
- WE G17 mags fit tight
- Weird safety
- Not the best accuracy
Esthetism rating: 9/10
Performance rating: 8/10
Precision rating: 8/10
Accessories rating: 10/10
Quality rating: 10/10
Overall rating:

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