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Category Replicas
Subcategory Pistols
Model Px4
Brand H.K
Propulsion Gas
Shoot modes Semi-auto
Cost 110 GBP
Range 35 meters (114.83 feet)
Magazine cap 25
Weight 900 grams (1.98 lbs)
Size 19.5 centimeters
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Creation date March 28, 2012
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The Beretta Px4 is a semi automatic weapon that uses a short-recoil rotating barrel. This pistol was designed for personal use and law enforcement. The upper slide and barrel is made of steel whilst the lower half is a lightweight polymer. The rotating barrel is taken from the Beretta 8000 series whilst the operation of the pistol is identical to the M9 series. The lower half uses a large picatinny rail which allows the quick attachment of rail mounted accessories. This pistol was famed by its use in "Inception" by Leonardo DiCaprio. Its use by the villians in Live Free or Die Hard.

The pistols inception (forgive the pun) was in 2004 and is still produced to this day. It if favoured for its comparatively low recoil and compact design. The ergonomics designed for the Px4 has featured across a range of new age firearms. The Px4 has been predominantly seen as a 9mm bore however there are .40 S&W bores and .45 ACP bores.


The HK 3Px4 is a Chinese copy of the Tokyo Marui Px4, Unlike the Japanese equivilent the 3Px4 has a metal slide and outter barrel. The metal slide and barrel come in black or chrome. The Px4 appears to be a Type F design which features single and double action firing with a decocker/ manual safety. Like the real steel, the 3Px4 features a rotating barrel and a interchangeable back straps. The pistol also features a reversible magazine release but, I have yet to dismantle and change the part. Unfortunately, unlike the real steel, I haven't found replaceable magazine releases. The 3Px4 comes in at a reasonably heavy 900g however, with full metal internals, slide and barrel, it is a reassuring weight!

The barrel is a Beretta patented rotary barrel... This has no effect on the pistol but looks very cool! The safety on this pistol also acts as a de-cocking mechanism, this also completely dis-engages the trigger which is an added bonus. The pistol comes with 3 back straps in small, medium and large. There is a quick detach button on the underside of the magazine well which allows the back straps to be changed in seconds. Although this is a clone, not all the parts fit perfectly, in my case the rotary barrel occasionally catches the slide creating a small dent on the slide.

The hop for this pistol is very clever and can be changed very quickly by merely locking the slide back and using a small finger or screw driver to change the hop. This is the single quickest hop adjustment I have ever used on a pistol. Unlike my other pistols, no take down is required! my only complaint would be the black slide I have behind a black hop dial makes it very hard to see unless you are in a very well lit area. Each magazine holds 25 rounds and on a good day will empty all the rounds. Even in the cold, propane can be used and will empty every round.

The blowback is very crisp and on Abbey ultra will put out around 250, (280 on green gas and 310 on propane). Although the pistol is more than strong enough to run propane I would not suggest it as the seal may not hold. This pistol has been tested extensively over the last 2 months with no upgrades. The hop, the barrel and the loading nozzle assembly are standard. Based on the lack of upgrades for the Px4, I would assume there is not much more that can be done! The HK magazines are far better than the standard TM copies and the pistol is compatible with TM magazines. The gun itself is a TM clone and will thus be compatible with TM upgrade parts.

The grouping with .2g bbs at 15m was very impressive. This pistol out performs every pistol I have seen in the same price range. In fact, the accuracy matched a stock TM Px4 which is around £30 more expensive! When tried at a 15m outdoor range, it had a grouping of around 5cm on 0.2g bbs. When I put heavier rounds and more powerful gas in, it was capable of 5 shots with a grouping of 3cm. This is outstanding for a stock pistol. When used in an AISPC tournament, the pistol was capable of achieving AA hits every time.


After owning and reviewing this pistol for nearly 2 months I have so say that I am incredibly impressed! This pistol retails at about $90 but you can pay as much as £110 in England! With a good crisp blow back and a very close grouping. I have spent far more on a pistol to have it perform only half as good! The price does come at a cost - Some of the parts don't fit as well as they would on a Tokyo Marui brand.

The mechanisms work flawlessly out the box with a very clean and professional finish. The paint on my pistol has started to rub off which is typical of a clone piece. I feel that the HK 3Px4 is a fantastic pistol which holds a better value for money than the Tokyo Marui equivalent. Furthermore, to achieve the same feel and weight from a Tokyo Marui, you would be looking at spending another £80 on the top slide!

This pistol is by no means perfect. A new hop rubber and barrel would improve the performance massively. The hop unit is already very good but could still benefit from a PDI or 9nine ball hop rubber. A good 6.01 tight bore would increase the accuracy and performance as well.

- Great Value
- Tight Grouping
- Great Weight
- Facility for upgrades
- Lower Quality
- Paint wears off
Esthetism rating: 8/10
Performance rating: 9/10
Precision rating: 9/10
Accessories rating: 7/10
Quality rating: 7/10
Overall rating:

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