Review by an owner of a D-Boy's SCAR

Review informations
Category Replicas
Subcategory Assault rifle
Model SCAR-H
Brand D-Boys
Propulsion Electric
Shoot modes Auto
Cost 165.00 USD
Range 100 feet (30.48 meters)
Fire rate 500 rounds/min
Magazine cap 400
Battery life 6 hours
Weight 8 lbs (3,628.74 grams)
Size 26 inches (66.04 cms)
General Informations
Creation date May 13, 2012
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Language English
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I own a SCAR-H made by the company D-Boys. This is a fine airsoft gun despite the manufacturers defect. I enjoy using this gun and I hope anyone else using it will too.

How it functions in different field scenarios

This weapon, from personal experience, is best used as a weapon for defending something. It hits hard and can deliver a ton of rounds down range. It therefore functions well as a support weapon. It is somewhat accurate and can be easily adjusted using the hop-up feature. Also, this gun is able to adjust the cheek rest setting, and the length of the stock.


Overall, I think that this is an amazing gun in that it can perform almost any battlefield task in an airsoft war.

- Hits hard
- Long battery
- Large magazine
- Not very accurate
Esthetism rating: 8/10
Performance rating: 9/10
Precision rating: 6/10
Accessories rating: 7/10
Quality rating: 9/10
Overall rating:

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