Pantac USA MOLLE Recon Vest (RRV)

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Category Tactical clothing
Subcategory Tactical vests
Model MOLLE Recon Vest VT-C901
Brand Pantac USA
Cost 115 USD
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Creation date March 09, 2013
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The Pantac MOLLE Recon Vest is a lightweight, versatile RRV style chest rig. The modular design is ideal for use with a backpack, and is still capable of carrying a hard armor plate. This makes it an ideal choice when a lightweight setup is desired, but front armor is still a necessity. The construction and features of the Pantac RRV are thorough and well thought out, from the top quality materials to the integrated pack options.

The basic Recon Vest design from Pantac is simple. It features a wide front chest area that wraps around both sides, featuring plenty of MOLLE real estate. It also sports a chest panel, which can be folded down, if desired. Both the chest panel and the main body of the vest have velcro closure internal pockets. The upper pocket is ideal for storing smaller, essential items, while the lower pocket is large enough to use for maps, gloves, or other larger items.

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Pantac uses 1000D Cordura fabric, giving the vest excellent durability and abrasion resistance. UTX hardware is well constructed and durable. In addition to using quality materials, Pantac USA offers a lifetime warranty, either repair or replacement, on all their gear. Pantac also includes a number of useful bits with this vest. One is the elastic strap minders, which I use to keep the excess material on the waist strap in place. They also include the male buckle straps, which are used to interface the vest with their MAP Pack, or Recon Hydration Pack. These attach to the shoulder straps, and snap directly into the compatible Recon Hydration Backpack.

Overall, I like the Pantac MOLLE Recon Vest for its light weight, quality construction, and adaptability. I often wear this vest when I don’t need front and rear plates, and/or when I don’t need all of the items (and associated weight) that I have mounted on my full plate carrier. Again, because of the strap setup, it’s easier to wear a backpack with the MOLLE Recon Vest than with some complete vests or plate carriers. I find that this RRV style vest fills a role in between a plate carrier and a battle belt or duty belt. If you’re looking for a versatile, flexible MOLLE vest option, check out the MOLLE Recon Vest from Pantac. It is a quality vest at an affordable price, this one may fit the bill.

- Lifetime Warranty
- 1000D Cordura
- Internal Admin Pouches
- Front Armor
- Fits Smaller Stature Shooter
- Multiple Buckles to put on
- No Back for Hydration Carrier
Esthetism rating: 7/10
Performance rating: 9/10
Precision rating: 9/10
Accessories rating: 7/10
Quality rating: 9/10
Overall rating:

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