EX214DE Advance Multi- Function Aiming Device

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Keywords: laser, infrared, LED, aiming

I really needed to find something to help me aiming while i use NVG. I found this one.

- Really poor build materials, at first look, you know its a cheap china product. Thats is the main negative of this one.
- Battery part is also not very well made. Its turning on the light during battery inserting, so there is a risk of reversing of polarity, what means dostroing of device.
- LED light is pretty good, so far more than i expected from china light. Thumbs up for the light, really. Unfortunetelly, it is the only one function, that can be controlled by remote switch, the laser and IR func. just cannot be.
- Visible laser is one of the cheap ones, it har to adjust it (while turning the adjustnemn screws the laser is just kind of a dancing in device :D ), but its good to have it.
- Invisible laser (better to call it marker) is great and best function you can get from this device if you own NVG. It will give you a large infrared spottlight (on 50m distance its aprox as large as a human body) so its great to light up the enemy and show its possition to your teammates.
- Invisible light its very weak, but ist perfect for CQBs, it will give you a light at aprox 5m far.

Source ebairsoft.com


As far as i know, this is the best product for 50 bucks you can get if you are looking for light with IR functions. I recomend you to take out the batteries after using, because it will drain them off very fast (and those CE123As are not so cheap).

But as i said, want IR working device for low price, go for this one !!!

- LED light
- IR functions
- Price
- Build quality
- Draining batteries when its off
- Poor visible laser
Esthetism rating: 3/10
Performance rating: 8/10
Precision rating: 5/10
Accessories rating: 8/10
Quality rating: 3/10
Overall rating:

franseal Also can buy the g&p dbal,the construction is very well and the laser and ir ligths are awesome the only trouble is the price

6 years ago
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