Viper Single Point Bungee Sling

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Keywords: Viper, Sling, Scar, AEG

Since I bought my Scar-L I realized that a good single point sling that would fit on the Scar's mount points was going to be hard to find.
So I set on an internet search to find which slings people were using with their real steel and Airsoft SCAR's.

What I found

On the Airsoft side it was a little bleak since I didn’t find much articles or opinions. But on the real steel, things were different and I found myself navigating hours and hours in a particular topic on the" target="_blank"> forums where I could see what other people used.
The sling that appealed immediately to my attention was the FN official SCAR sling which is hard to come by and not exactly cheap nor a single point sling.
Then I started to look around for a look alike and had special attention on the clasp which, like the previous sling had to be thinner than most M4 platform slings. For example I have an MS2 from Magpul and the clasp is so big it won’t fit through the sling point.

Anyways I soon found the Viper slings that where much alike the FN slings and had what it appeared to be a thinner clasp.

The sling

After receiving it I noticed it had a nice 30mm nylon webbing and solid finish. When I tried i on the sling mount it barely got through and didn’t provide any play, so using it like this would have been awkward and not very comfortable.

So I decided I had to do something, and picked up a round file and sand it down until it had the right thickness so that it would provide me the play I wanted, as you can see on" target="_blank">my blog.

After this I noticed that there was still quite allot of clasp remaining so I didn’t compromise the sling's clasp and it would secure the weapon without any risk of failing and braking I got satisfied and it worked out just great!

This sling is quite nice since you can break it up into three parts which allow me to quickly apply it to my vest or remove it from the vest using the quick release buckles. Even when it’s not on the vest its very comfortable and lightweight, and I find myself using the quick detach buckle when I need to transition from left to right and I can do it quite quickly.

The plastic parts are very solid and the sling itself is very adjustable.
The only gripe I have with it is the fact that it’s supposed to be a bungee sling, but I didn’t find much flexibility on the bungee. You can feel two rubbers inside each sleeve, but they are very rigid and provide almost no flex. This feature that was supposed to provide extra comfort, since it should absorb part of the drastic movements the gun makes when walking, running or jumping, not transferring all the weight and pressure to the neck and torso.


In sum it’s a very good sling, well-built, lightweight and quite adjustable, being just a tad too inflexible for a bungee type of sling, but I don’t really mind since my only demands were for a one point sling that would fit my SCAR!

- Materials
- Adjustability
- Weight
- Bungee flexibility
Esthetism rating: 4/10
Performance rating: 4/10
Precision rating: 4/10
Accessories rating: 5/10
Quality rating: 5/10
Overall rating:

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