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Category Replicas
Subcategory Snipers
Model M700 Takedown
Brand KJW
Propulsion Gas
Shoot modes Single
Cost 192 USD
Range 230 feet (70.10 meters)
Magazine cap 10
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Creation date May 21, 2012
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Keywords: KJW, M700, takedown, high, fps

The KJW M700 Takedown is a really nice piece with high power and nice performance out of box. It does lack some accuracy with the standard 6.10(!!!) barrel.
There are some things that needs to be upgraded before using it at its full potential.

The feel and sight of reloading this beast is just beautiful!


To make good use of this sniper you need to upgrade the following.
1. Barrel
2. Hopup

1. Barrel

The one supplied is crap.
Not sure what they thought about when they put a 6.10mm barrel on a sniper rifle...
Upgrade to ATLEAST 6.03, preferably 6.01 for those extra fps.

2. Hopup

The hopup housing is metal and works nice, but the rubber and the nub needs to be replaced.
If you (like me) put an AEG-barrel into it, you can use a ra-tech open bolt rubber with ease.
The problem with that rubber is that it's not 100% centered and will make the bbs curve.
The AEG-barrel and that rubber will seal the chamber perfectly, giving you more power.


Since this is the takedown version of the rifle, you can cut it's lenght in half just by flipping a switch.
Best part is when you come to a field with people who have never seen the rifle and you take out a hardcase from your trunk. Open it up and displaying the rifle and all the accessories in a neat order.
Then proceed to put it together while they drool. Awesome feeling!


With it's 675fps this canon will do damage! Think before you shoot. Never fire unless you are sure of what you are firing at.
It has a hair trigger, making it super easy to pull the trigger.
The firing pin works and makes it easy to see if the rifle is ready to fire or not.
It has a safety that blocks the trigger from being pulled when active.
As you read above, it can be split in two for easy storage/transport, aka takedown.
There are 2 slingpoints.
In the front of the stock (handguard?) there is a pin made for harris type bipods.
The stock is ABS or similar polymer material.
Since there are no adjustable pads for the cheek I got a pouch-thing to raise the stock to my liking. It also has a small pouch and a place to store cartridges for show.
On top of the rifle there is a standard 21mm rail for optics. Remember not to get to low rings or the bolt handle will be a bitch to operate.
The bolt can be removed just like RS by pressing a small button between the trigger and the magazine release.
On some models you can adjust the gas released by the bolt, but not on mine.

Spare parts are cheap since you can use alot of Tanaka-parts. (Tanaka magazines will NOT fit).


If you take care of your rifle it will hold for many years.
There are not alot of things in this rifle that can break so maintenance is not that hard.
After each game:
Take the bolt out and clean it with some random cloth.
Make sure the barrel is clear of dust and other filth.
Clean the magazines.
INspect the seal on the bolt that slides on the magazines. If it's broken or teared you can just take it out and flip it. (once of course :P) Second time you should get a replacement.

Every 3 month or so:
Take out the hopup house and inspect the rubber.

Before every game make sure there are some lubricant where the bolt will be sliding. Not alot, just so the bolt won't snag or get stuck. Dont get lubricant on the hopup rubber, it will be getting more then enough from the green gas.

Make sure that the magazines allways has gas in them or the seals and orings will tear and the magazine will leak. Remember, gas magazines are EXPENSIVE!!


It is, with enchanced hopup and barrel, a beast to shoot.
You need some serious scouting skills to use it, since shooting your friends with this will hurt them if you're not careful!
I recommend atleast 40m security or blood will be spilled.

Might make a good pidgeon rifle ^^

Without a precision barrel you won't hit the side of a barn...
Unless you upgrade the hopup nub the bb will drop at 40m like a dead monkey.

But not alot beats the feeling of reloading a gas bolt rifle.

Hope you will enjoy your KJW M700 as much as I enjoy mine!
And whenever anyone is giving you a hard time, just tell them you will bring your m700 and smack them with it's 675fps ;)

Aesthetic: I just love the looks of this rifle. When someone says "rifle" to me, the m700 is what I see.
Performance: With 675 fps you can't be wrong ;)
Precision: Out of box it will be a 1/10 but with the upgrade barrel it hits spot on allmost every time.
Accessories: Well, not alot to pimp this with, but judging from what a sniper rifle should have it's pretty standard. Bipod and a scope, that's it.
Quality: Good. I have taken a dirt nap with this rifle and nothing broke. The only thing I don't like is that the outer barrel can be moved by pressing on it with some force (it makes a clicking sound). And the rail is kinda jiggly. But I'm sure you can fasten it somehow, I'm just lazy :P

So an overall 8/10 from me!

But remember: That is in the group of sniper rifles, not AEGs or other rifles that shoots more then one bb per triggerpull!
It is the classic Sniper Rifle!

- Easy to store and transport
- High power!
- Cheap
- Easy upgrades
- Gas powered
- Comes with crappy barrel
- Long security distance
- Gas powered...
- Thick stock
Esthetism rating: 9/10
Performance rating: 9/10
Precision rating: 8/10
Accessories rating: 8/10
Quality rating: 8/10
Overall rating:

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