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Subcategory Assault rifle
Brand WE-Tech / RA-Tech
Propulsion Gas
Shoot modes Semi-auto Auto
Cost 420 USD
Magazine cap 30
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Creation date May 27, 2012
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The WE RATech modded SCAR-L Lv2 with NPAS.
Best gun I've ever owned.

Being a gas powered blowback rifle it does take some maintenance but it is surely worth it!

Some modifications are required to make it hold more then a few mags tho.

Where to get this?


To make this gun last more then a few mags you need to upgrade and/or modify the following:
1. Add a recoilbuffer in the lower reciever.
2. Tighten a screw in the stock
3. Barrel

1. Recoil buffer in the lower reciever

As this rifle carries a heavy bolt with massive power, the back of the upper reciever will break from the stress of the recoil spring slaming into it with every shot fired.
This version has the steel part #27 (the hingeplate on the upper reciever connecting to the stock) but still has a plastic part connected to it.
Without some kind of recoil buffer taking the blow and absorbing the force to some other part, it will break.

What do you do to prevent this?
Get a random piece of rubberish plastic and cut it to fit in the lower reciever just behind the trigger assembly.
Make sure it does not interfere with the actions of the trigger assembly.
It should just be enough room for it to catch the bolt and absorbe the force downward.
I bought a doorstop in rubber and just cut off some edges to make it fit and that has worked for me =)
I have seen some people screwing through their lower recievers to fasten the rubber but I decided not to and so far so good.

Screw in stock

The stock has a flaw that might be disturbing at times.
When in any position other then 1 and 6 it won't lock.
A small tap on it will force it out of its position.
How to fix?
Just open the rubber plate at the end and tighten a screw as much as you can.
This should solve the problem permanently.


For this gun to work propperly and for a long period of time you should clean it and take care of it.

After every game:
Field strip it and clean all lubricant from within.
You don't have to take the barrel out, just make sure it is clean.
Check so all parts are as they should be.
I just noticed that my bolt was loose and had to secure it again.
But this made it get stuck in the gun.
I fixed this by putting 2 pieces of paper between the 2 parts of the bolt, making the space between them slightly larger.
Make sure your magazines are not empty of gas when storing them, even over night!
Gas magazines are EXPENSIVE! Take care of them!

Before every game:
Make sure it is lubricated enough!
The bolt will be tearing against the metal rail inside the rifle.
Check all rails and all places where metal will grind against metal and put lubricant on it.

Every month or so:
Make sure the hop up rubber is in good condition, you will notice it when the rubber is bad from your shots being all over the place ;)


The rifles' exterior is great! Nice finish that won't scratch easy.
Some places will get scratched from use, such as sling points and the bolt.
It is a full metal rifle, meaning everything that should be metal is. The rest is some kind of ABS/polymer plastic.
There is a long continous rail on top with a detachable rear flip-up sight and a mounted front flip-up sight.
On the sides of the handguard there are rails on both sides for pimping and general awesomeness.
There is also a rail on the bottom of the handguard for EGLMs and other fat stuff to hang.
As it is a gas powered blowback rifle you should watch your thumb from getting caught in the charging handle, whose main purpose is to screw with your thumb ;)
The selector switch is ambidexterious just like the magazine realease.
It is open bolt, meaning you can see into the barrel when the bolt is pulled back. Making it look more awesome!
There are sling points on both sides of the gun. At the front, at the hingeplate and on the stock, making it easy to fasten slings of any kind.
This model has NPAS installed, meaning you can increase/decrease FPS/recoil.
More FPS means less recoil and vice versa.
Making you able to make it useable in CQB as well as outdoor games.
Remember that too much recoil might break the hingeplate even with the recoil buffer mod. Personaly I have it at medium setting, some recoil, some FPS.
I use powerup green gas from Guarder with great success. Not sure how this works with Co2.
RA-Tech says it is Co2-ready, but seeing as green gas breaks it without modding I'm not so sure about it...

3. Barrel

The barrel supplied from RA-Tech was a 6.01 tight bore and from my personal experience it's no good in fully automatic rifles.
The barrel jammed alot and screwed up the hopup rubber.
Splitting bbs was not uncommon.
Changed back to the original barrel from WE. Think it was a 6.03 standard barrel.
Worked much better for me.
But if you want to modify this into a DMR (Designated Marksmans Rifle) a 6.01 barrel might be nice. But make sure to disable the ability to go fully automatic.
(And slap a fat scope on that bad boy to complete the look)

Field Strip

How to field strip and why.

1. Poke the pin in the lower reciever out and separate it from the upper reciever.
2. Push the stock down (watch out for the recoil spring)
3. Take out the recoil spring
4. Use the charging handle/pin to push the bolt all the way back and take out the pin
5. Remove the bolt

There, just reverse to put it back together again.

Now, why:
In order to do maintenance you need to separate all the parts.
Clean all parts with some cloth and make sure everything looks good.
Inspect for cracks or defects.
Before you put it back together again make sure all parts that grind on other parts are lubricated. Never fire it without lubricant. It might work a few times, but it will be expensive that time it doesn't work.

The bolt on this version is the heavy bolt from RA-Tech. Meaning it weighs alot more then the standard one. That equals more recoil and more fun :3
Make sure the 2 screws on the bolt is tightend or it will missfeed bbs into the bolt area, leading to the nozzle not being able to close when gas is released from the mag, leading to the mag being emptied of gas instantly. It might also damage the nozzle as bbs can get stuck all over the place. Not good!
If the bolt, after being tightened, gets stuck in the rails you need to put some space between the two parts of the bolt. I used 2 pieces of regular paper. Worked so far.

I will not go into the trigger assembly as I have not needed to open it at all.

(The strap that can be seen on some pictures is a home made 550 paracord strap for attaching 1-point slings fast)


A great GBBR!
Nothing more, nothing less!

Aesthetic: It looks awesome, feels awesome and weighs like the real deal.
Performance: The RoF is kinda low, but with 30 bbs in a mag you won't be going all gungho crazy anyway. Works great otherwise.
Precision: Could be better. But I'm sure that with the tight bore barrel supplied from RA-Tech it will increase, I just don't like tight bores on my assault rifles ;)
Accessories: As this has alot of rail space it's pretty easy to overpimp it. Pimp, but pimp with style!
Quality: WE does nice exterior jobs but fail some on the interior. That's where RA-Tech comes in. With WE's exterior and RA-Techs interior, this is a great quality gun! (Not looking at the flaws with the hingplate)

Overall: 8/10 for this great gun!

You might not get alot of kills with this because of it's limited ammo supply, but you will never have as much fun as you will with this rifle!
Just hearing your enemies, screaming, when they hear the might of the heavy weight bolt clash is just priceless!
And there is not much that satisfies as much as pulling the bolt back and hearing it slam a bb into the barrel when you let go.
Oh the faces I've seen when I've picked this rifle up from a chromed box with magazines neatly tucked in pockets of styrofoam.
Awesome, just awesome!

- RECOILS like a boss!
- Realistic
- Lots of spare parts
- Open bolt
- Eats gas
- Lots of maintenance
- Expensive mags
Esthetism rating: 10/10
Performance rating: 8/10
Precision rating: 6/10
Accessories rating: 10/10
Quality rating: 8/10
Overall rating:

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