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Category BBs & consumables
Subcategory Lubricants
Model Liquid Fire
Brand Brass EAgle
Cost 3.39 USD
Weight 0.062 lbs (28.12 grams)
Size 2 inches (5.08 cms)
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Creation date May 28, 2012
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Great lubricant for both paintball markers and airsoft gas guns.

Why liquid fire?

This lubricant is popular in paintball and should be in airsoft as well.
It's cheap, works great, easy to clean and lasts long.

I use it with all my GBBs and on any O-rings i might encounter.
I got my first bottle from a friend when I bought my first GBBR and have had the same bottle ever since.
There were about 2/3rds left in it when I got it and it is about 1/4th left now, 1.5 years later.
I lubricate all my guns (4) after each game (once a week).
So it will last for a while! And for $3.39 it's just sooo worth it!

Where to lubricate?

The parts you need to lubricate are all parts that grind on other parts, creating friction which leads to heat and tear which leads to broken parts.
Lubricating O-rings is great as well. Keeps them loose and rubbery so they won't harden and rip apart.

Where NOT to lubricate!

Don't lubricate where the BBs are stored in the magazines.
Did that once cause I thought: HEY! That's a great idea!
NO! Don't, just don't.
It will collect dust and filth which will then follow the BBs into the gun, creating a hazard for both the nozzle and the hopup rubber. Also it might clogg the barrel, leading to you having to clean it more then you want or need to.

Don't put lubricant on the hopup rubber. That will cancel the rubbers effect on the BB, causing it to drop. The hopup rubber relies on friction to create a spin on the BB, making it go further.
In a GBB the hopup rubber will get more then enough lubricant from the green gas!


A great lubricant for a great price!
Lasts long with good effect.
Easily cleaned.
Red bottle, easy to find if dropped outdoors.

- Long lasting
- Cheap
- Available
- Odorless
- Can't find any :)
Esthetism rating: 5/10
Performance rating: 9/10
Precision rating: 5/10
Accessories rating: 5/10
Quality rating: 9/10
Overall rating:

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