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Model Bandolier
Brand ARMA Husk
Cost 120 GBP
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Rarely seen on the average UK airsoft skirmish field the ARMA Husk Bandolier is definitely one to consider for the travel light, quick and slick airsoft operators or indeed the Airsoft Sniper who doesn't need to be encumbered by lots of unnecessary kit.

Great for attaching Fastmags or just pistol mags to this is great for snipers or just those hot skirmish days where you dont want to be encombered by too much kit.


The main front panel has plenty of Molle straps (you’ll probably get upto 4 mag pouches on this section) but would be ideal to fit the ITW type FastMags for a great tactical look. This panel also holds a pouch closed by a double zip which opens the panel out to reveal more internal Molle loops, which you can either tie items to or add smaller pouches to assist with organization etc. Also included is a durable clear plastic pocket, ideal for maps or other instructions you need to keep dry or mark up with chinagraph pencil etc. Surprisingly this pouch also opens out further giving you approximately an extra third on the pouch! Opening this extra piece out also reveals a nice piece of Velcro real-estate for patches or name tags, which is handy for me as I like my morale patches. It should be noted that on each end of this panel you could get additional pouches but I probably wouldn’t want anything much larger than pistol pouches really or just leave them blank.

Check out the full review on Airsoft Odyssey:


I really can't say that I've ever seen anything quite like the ARMA Husk Bandolier before! I think this will prove invaluable for those scenarios requiring speed, stealth and agility, or indeed for anyone tired of lugging around lots of kit all day long. It holds what you need easily to hand and combined with a few pouches makes an ideal platform for a CQB loadout where you don't need lots of kit but what you do need, needs to be close to hand. Mounted with Fastmags, this can be one awesome carry system.

- Light weight
- doesnt compromise agility
- speed and stealth
- well made quality item
- limited carry capacity
- not much depth
- limited space for pouches
- need to consider what u carry
Esthetism rating: 7/10
Performance rating: 8/10
Precision rating: 9/10
Accessories rating: 7/10
Quality rating: 9/10
Overall rating:

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