Enola Gaye Pull Wire Smoke Grenade Review

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Model Pull String Smoke Grenade
Brand Enola Gaye
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The Enola Gaye Pull Wire Smoke Grenade is an excellent tool to complement your Milsim load out.

Enola Gaye is a UK based pyrotechnic manufacturer that started off manufacturing and selling small smoke grenades in 1996. They have since expanded to various forms of pyrotechnics for both airsoft and paintball. While many of their products have been restricted from the US, they have recently introduced their Pull Wire Smoke Grenade, and yes, it has crossed the pond.


The Wire Pull Smoke Grenade is about the size of a toilet paper tube, maybe a little skinner, and almost just as light. It is constructed of “Military Technology” as boasted by the people at Enola Gaye, and comes with a plastic cap at the top which protects the pull wire from being accidentally being pulled.

To activate the smoke, simply remove the plastic cap and discard, and pull the ring. There will be a slight spark, and then the smoke will begin to emit from the top at which point it is safe to throw the grenade. While the grenade is a “cold burning” grenade, the smoke itself is “warm” as indicated on the grenade. There is still combustion occurring on the interior of the grenade, and while the shell does not become hot enough to create a fire through conduction, it still becomes warm to the touch.

While there is not alot of ways to review a smoke grenade on paper, we put them through three tests; Flammability, duration and coverage.


Please take note, this was done under the supervision of the local fire department at their facility.

We took a smoke grenade and pulled the wire directly over dry palm frowns and dropped them on top prior to the smoke emitting. While sparks rained over the dry brush, there was never an open flame, and the grenade did nothing but stain the leaves a deep blue. The palms were cold to the touch as soon as the smoke grenade stopped producing smoke.


We timed all three colors that we were provided by Stampede Airsoft (Red, Blue, Purple), they all three last right around the 60 minute mark. If you check out the review video, we set up the red to stand alone and unimpeded, along with a timer; almost 1 minute to the second.


We took the purple grenade and threw it between to storage containers in order to protect the smoke cloud from wind. The smoke screen that filled the small ally provided a thick screen, and would prevent accurate targeting even if a target could be acquired. After testing all three grenades, we found that the purple was definitely the most effect when it comes to putting out a thick, dense smoke screen.


In closing, your gonna find cheaper smoke grenades at the local fireworks tent on the 4th of July, without question. What your gonna get is 20 seconds of ineffective smoke that is nothing more then a show. The Enola Gaye Wire Pull Smoke Grenades are effective, long lasting, light weight and cost effective. I’ve had the chance to see these in action at several events at our local airsoft field, and they are both impressive as they are flat out “cool.” A most for your Milsim Load-out.

- Cost Effective
- Cold burning
- Light Weight
- Multi Colors
- Banned at certain fields
- Fire Hazard due to improper use
Esthetism rating: 9/10
Performance rating: 9/10
Precision rating: 9/10
Accessories rating: 7/10
Quality rating: 9/10
Overall rating:

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