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If I was stuck on an island….ok, maybe not an island, but a long flight, or say a van ride from Ohio to Florida, I would definitely want to bring Tactical MilSim Magazine with me. While I admit, I've known about this magazine for awhile, when I first read a little bit of a digital copy on www.tacticalmilsim.com, I brushed it off as a highly tactical magazine for real steel shooters and kept it in mind should I ever find it at a book store. It wasn't until I actually met MSG (ret.) Max Mullen and did an interview with him about airsoft and his magazine that I changed my mind. He was gracious enough to hand me a free copy, and I was instantly impressed.

The Story of Tactical MilSim Magazine

Tactical MilSim Magazine was initially name Tactical Airsoft Magazine until 2009 when MSG Mullen purchased the magazine, changing it to what it is today. He reasoned that there was a stigma to the word “airsoft”, implying that replica airsoft weapons were toys and not tools for training our Law Enforcement Officers and Armed Forces. Further more, MSG Mullen would like to see a separation in our sport that is, in my opinion, already occurring and will require even stricter rule sets for MilSimers. You can find the full interview at Merlin’s Blog Spot YouTube shortly. The magazine itself covers reviews on products used for military simulations and reel steal, columns from real world operators including MSG Mullen himself as well as features from several well known MilSim Skirmishes around the country.


Tactical MilSim Magazine has reviews from tactical clothing, to MilSim helmets and gear. The reviews a extremely extensive, sometimes covering 2-3 pages back-to-back, and include more than enough photos to give you every aspect of the product. The only thing missing is a scratch and sniff portion so you can feel and smell the product, but I’m not sure how well that would work anyway. The writing, while not dumbed down for the non-tactical reader, does help those who are not veterans of the armed forces or as tactically inclined as others.

Features include after action reports from major skirmishes around the nation, specific tactical maneuvers or techniques, and topics in advanced skills. This included equally glorious photos and deep extensive information that I was surprised to read myself. In the May 2012 issue there is an article on the tactics used to retake a bus and while this article is most beneficial to law enforcement officers, there have been a few skirmishes including buses with OpFor camped out inside. However, the what surprised me was the level of “intel” given in the introduction setting. I had no idea the string of events that lead to LEO organizations around the nation practicing this very skill for that “what-if” scenario. While it doesn’t help me out what-so-ever on the airsoft field, it does make me a more aware citizen for those “watch out” scenarios, and adds a level of “cool” to the article.

Columns can also be found in this magazine, giving readers a chance to hear directly from real world operators. MSG Mullen writes in his column, “Chronicles of Mad Max” which varies from anything to his experiences to combat art. There are even exerts from new released or soon-to-be released books. Then there’s the Clips and Hips portion of the magazine, which breaks up the testosterone infilled magazine with a little feminine touch. The only bad thing about it all, is that it only comes out quarterly….that’s only 4 issues a year, leaving you wanting more!


Tactical MilSim Magazine is certainly a must read/subscribe for any MilSimer or MilSim Team that is looking to get to the next level. The reviews are on mission specific, “Mad Max” approved gear, and not your average skirmish equipment. The features bring insightful information and will help with training up for that next big Op. Make sure to get your copy today by going to www.tacsimmagazine.com. Also, check them out on Facebook and tell them that Merlin’s Blog Spot sent you!

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Anonymous This included equally glorious photos and deep extensive information that I was surprised to read myself www.rctopshop.com/esky-rc-helicopters

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