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Category Tactical clothing
Subcategory Battle Dress Uniforms
Model 3214
Brand Snicker
Propulsion Spring
Shoot modes Single
Cost 57 USD
Range 100000 meters (328,083.99 feet)
Battery life 100000 hours
Weight 500 grams (1.10 lbs)
Size 184 centimeters
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Creation date June 17, 2012
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- As I visited Mercus Work-Wear store 25th of may this year(2012), I quickly realized that this store would be a dream for Airsofters.

- After looking around in the 1000 square meter large store, with only work-wear/BDU's for the trousers my workmate hinted me of, I knew why he loved them, having everything a BDU trouser should have, and even more.

- At the cost of ~57$ (or 399 Swedish crowns), they would easily qualify as Airsoft trousers of the year.

- Made by Canvas (60% Cotton and 40% polyester), while having the hollow of the knee's reinforced with 100% Cordura-Pylamid, I knew they would last a way more then my previous trousers I've used in the past.

- Having 2 sewn-on external mid-sized pockets, both over the internal pockets(can thereby be inserted into the internal pockets), great too use as two dump pouches(these are made by Canvas on the outer side, but their made of 100% Cordura-Pylamid on the inner side), left side have two (2x) 10cm wide pockets on the outer side, right side have three (3x) 5,5cm wide pockets, great to keep used pistol magazines, or speed loader, or some MP-5 magazines, left side can .

- Having 2 internal pockets, large enough to fit one and a half Blu-Ray case each, 2 pockets on the back, one of them has a cover with a push-button(same type as the button on MOLLE pockets).
- The other one is fully uncovered and exposed(like on jeans), both however is made by 100% Cordura-Pylamid.

- On the left side(showed on picture), there is a single stacked pocket, mainly made by 100% Cordura-Pylamid, and covers with Canvas(cover lock is Velcro), is easily reached from all 3 positions(Stand-Crouch-Prone).
- The large pocket give room for a Blu-Ray case, the smaller one, which have to open the large pocket in order to access, can give room for a single iPhone 4.

- On the opposite side(not visible on picture), there's no pockets, instead, their located under the right back pocket, mainly designed for a hammer or a screw driver.
- There's also a little button under a piece of Cordura-Pylamid, similar to the one over the zip.

- The knee has a pretty uncommon ability, to house pads(internal pads), can otherwise house a map, cash, or anything else that wont make it harder to move(flat, thin items only).

- The Canvas on these trousers has some ballistics, not the best however, it will protect you against stinging nettles, but against sharper plants, as tag shrubs, won't protect you very well, a bit, but not very effective.
- The Cordura-Pylamid made spots will protect you against them, but it is recommended to wear thin but resistant sweatpants(not too thick so it'll be 100+ Celsius, but enough resistant too protect you from tag shrubs).

(Be aware, though the number for the Weight, Strength, Range, Magazine capacity, Fire rate, Shoot modes, Propulsion mode and Battery life isn't correct, though it's a review of a trouser, not a gun.
The weight is 340 g/m², or 340 gram per square meter, the size is for men who is 184-204 centimeters tall)


- The low price against the high tax in Sweden makes the price very good, + couse its made by military grade Canvas and Cordura-Pylamid, my jeans costs twice as much.
- The light-weight construction and elastic design makes the problem with negatively effecting mobility no longer a problem.
- Many pockets like the external side pockets makes buying a Dump Pouch no longer necessary.
- The color on it is very good, when making the ballistic and dirt test, my friend could´nt see my legs(except for the knee-pad pockets) in the high background grass.

- A bit thicker material, or adding a core layer that will give a complete protection against tag shrubs and other weeds that can annoy/damage your 1st layer of skin would be a great improvement.
- Reconstruct the external side pockets(aka dump pouches) to make them de/re-attachable with Velcro or zip would be nice.
- Trousers with the Cordura-Pylamid pockets being green instead would be an appreciated improvement.

- Cheap to be a Swedish store price.
- Won´t negatively effect mobility.
- Many pockets.
- Color matches Swedish nature background perfectly.
- Will protect the body from lighter damage.
- Can't protect the body from heavier damage.
- Some parts are black.
- Some pockets are hard to reach.
- Isn't waterproof.
- Wet mud is a pain to remove if it have dried a little.
Esthetism rating: 9/10
Performance rating: 9/10
Precision rating: 9/10
Accessories rating: 9/10
Quality rating: 10/10
Overall rating:

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