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Category Replicas
Subcategory Assault rifle
Model M14
Brand CYMA
Propulsion Electric
Shoot modes Semi-auto Auto
Cost 140 USD
Range 150 feet (45.72 meters)
Fire rate 800 rounds/min
Magazine cap 400
Battery life 4 hours
Weight 8.2 lbs (3,719.45 grams)
Size 44.3 inches (112.52 cms)
General Informations
Creation date June 22, 2012
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Comments 8
Likes 2
Language English
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The CYMA M14 is a clone of the Tokyo Marui M14 sold at a slightly reduced price. *note- this review is for the full length version (44.3 in) as opposed to the socom version (37.1 in)

This gun is beautiful. I have the version with the fake wood finish, and it looks pretty good. The gun is pretty heavy(a pro for me) and feels very solid. In games, I find that this gun is the perfect bridge between a sniper and a normal aeg. the long precision barrel gives it the range to compete with some spring snipers, but the full-auto capabilities give it the medium range punch of any M4. In short, this gun is an intimidating beast. Heads will turn when you walk onto the field with it.


I consider this gun's high weight a pro. This gun shoots very hard and far. It looks great. the sound the bolt makes is a pro in itself. This gun can compete with some snipers range wise, but shoots on full auto. This gun does come with a battery and charger. (but the manual gives the incorrect charging time)


Smaller players may have difficulty with the gun's weight. the size and weight of the gun make it difficult to use for indoor play. The sights are too low to be used with full-face protection. The bolt-release lever came off, leaving the bolt difficult to operate. Also, some seemingly unnecessary metal piece came off the right side. This gun comes with a sling, but it is worthless.


All in all, this gun is great. For those who play outdoors, I have never shot anything better. I give the accessories a five for the terrible sling.

- heavy weight (for me)
- looks great
- shoots hard
- bridges gap between sniper and assault rifle
- feels solid
- heavy weight (for some)
- large size, difficult to use indoors
- sling is crap
Esthetism rating: 9/10
Performance rating: 9/10
Precision rating: 8/10
Accessories rating: 5/10
Quality rating: 8/10
Overall rating:

77airsoft 77airsoft is happy to offer to All Airsoft squared memebers our new arrival Cyma M14 77airsoft.com/products-page.php/aeg-metal-guns/cm032-m14-auto-electric-bb-gun-metal-airsoft-gear-4/

5 years ago

DaggerOneBravo My older full size Echo1 is a rebrand of this, and after about three years of having it be prepared to upragde. A year and a half in my FPS(M110 spring)dropped like a rock, and 3 years in the stock creaks and my gas block came loose and slid down the barrel. I don't disagree that this or my Echo1 are good guns but you should be prepared to upgrade or fix things down the road. I'm in the process of over hauling mine.

6 years ago

ryguy2028 So... Should I ge this being a Designated Marksman/Precision Rifleman?

6 years ago

slinoha I would definetely reccomend it for that purpose, yes.

6 years ago

dragwing i just upgraded my m14 hoping its gearbox will not break on the spring i just put in it

6 years ago

Spectre I've used a full length M14 for CQB and it was a fun challenge. It's not the wisest idea, but it is possible to do. Also, total disassembly the M14 AEGs are somewhat complex, but easy enough to learn.

6 years ago

Cole Nice Review :D

6 years ago

slinoha Thanks!

6 years ago

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