Boggie Regulators by Smith Optics

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Model Boogie Regulator
Brand Smith Optics
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The Boogie Regulator by Smith Optics was introduced to use at Shot Show by Wallace Lau of zShot, and has been an impressive set of goggles. Well, maybe glasses….or both. They were designed with the Mil-Spec rating of a military goggles, but with the visibility and comfort-ability of shooting glasses. The were designed around goggles used typically by sky divers, and offer vents in the lens that minimize fogging and can be adjusted as needed.



Like we mentioned before, they are Mil-Spec goggles, so they exceed ASNI rating for projectiles, and provide the added bonus of full seal capabilities. They do not however, come with the same bulkiness that a Mil-Spec goggle would come with, and do not require a turbo fan to make them fog free.

I did mentioned earlier that they “minimize” fog. While they are advertised as fog free, I found that they do slightly fog in the Florida heat (where everything usually fogs) during twilight hours. Keep in mind, this is without any fog spray or wipes, and is so minimal, I still make the mistake of calling these fog free.

The Boogie Regulators also come in three different lenses: Gray, Ignitor and Clear. While the Gary and Clear are self explanatory, and really warrant little mention, the Ignitor lenses steal the stage. While they are a deep purple/pink in color, it’s what they do that makes them stand out. Dark enough to protect your eyes from the sun, but light enough to allow you to see in the shade and in dark areas, the Ignitors are the best of both worlds, and provide any player with the ability to use one goggle in multiple settings. It also allows for easy transitions from indoor situations to outdoor situations, and reverse.


These goggles fit to my face like every pair of sunglasses I’ve ever owned. Being that I have a unique face, in the sense that its more narrow then most and I find lenses hang over my cheeks, I found that the Boogie Regulators still provided a full seal protection for my eyes. While using them to admin at MindGame Production events this spring, I was struck several times in the glasses from the side, and suffered no injury.

My main complaint would have to be the straps. While the Boogie Regulators do come in a “sport” addition with a wider nylon strap, and there are after market straps that Smith Optics offers for you to be able to integrate your goggles into any helmet with a rail on it, the rubber band strap that comes with the regular Boogie Regulators fit uncomfortably. Smith Optics would better server there customers if they offer a goggle with the integration system only or the Boogie Sport with the Nylon Strap.


To me this is the biggest deal. You’ll find that many of the Mil-Spec goggles on the market are in and around the $100 mark, and then some. On top of that, you have to purchase an additional turbo fan to make them fog free as advertised.


Even when you purchase the additional integration straps, these goggles are at least half the cost of the bigger, full seal goggles. I highly recommend these goggles, as they are comfortable, slim, HIGHLY fog resistant, and can be integrated into any head system.

- Cost
- Mil-Spec
- Integration Straps (EXTRA)
- Fog Resistance
- Rubber Strap is thin
- Does not include Inegration Straps
Esthetism rating: 9/10
Performance rating: 9/10
Precision rating: 9/10
Accessories rating: 9/10
Quality rating: 9/10
Overall rating:

PoKeRf@Ce They do fog up really bad, i´m selling mine asap. I bought two pairs, with the ops-core set, because they looked really cool, and they got good reviews, but found out the hard way, that they are really crap!!
When you are on the move, they are fine, as soon you stop they fog up so bad that I had to take them off!! during game!! (Mil-sim), I have NEVER done that before :-(
For the price they would be some people first choice, but save your money, and buy better google/glasses instead, Oakley or ESS or something else.

4 years ago

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