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A red rag is just that, a red rag. In the case of the Rag Pull however, the red rag or “dead” rag, has been reinvented to accommodate easy of storage and deployment.


The kill rag is probably the least "tactical" piece of equipment, and one of the most over looked by players, but as a game organizer, I see it as the most forgotten piece of equipment left at home. It's frustrating when players constantly complain about getting hit multiple times....and don't have their dead rag.

The Rag Pull dead rag is easy, convenient, and can be stuck anywhere on your gear that accepts Velcro, as the chord you use to wrap it for storage doubles as a means to attach the rag to your person/gear.


- Makes the Dead Rag more Tacti-cool
- Easy to Store
- Easy to attach to signify that your are hit
Esthetism rating: 8/10
Performance rating: 8/10
Precision rating: 8/10
Accessories rating: 8/10
Quality rating: 8/10
Overall rating:

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