M18A1 Airsoft Claymore with Remote

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Category Field Equipments
Subcategory Claymores
Model M18A
Brand Nicker
Propulsion Electric
Cost 109.95 USD
Range 50 Feet
Magazine cap 200
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Creation date May 23, 2013
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Another reason Airsoft is "better" than Paintball is the toys we get in Airsoft. From grenades, mines, and now this - CLAYMORE it's sure to take your next Airsoft game to another level.

If you don't like reading be sure to check out my video review right here

This can be picked up at Airsoft Station for 109.95USD


Packed in somewhat of a "cheap" package I was surprised to see the info on the box was somewhat correct!! Usually when companies post stats they tend to over shoot, but not with this one. It states it can work up to 200m, and fire bbs up to 20m (or a little over 60ft) CHECKS OUT!

Comes with a manual that will help you out. Just look at the pictures.

Claymore - Friend or Foe?

First off before you even attempt to touch the claymore I HIGHLY recommend you put on safety glasses.

Do it.
Put em on.
Come on man. Put them on.
Do it.
Ok? Done? Awesome.

Although this is a super fun toy, SAFETY is #1.

The Claymore itself is made from a tough plastic and does not come in a different color.
With the font FRONT TOWARDS ENEMY it adds a nice look to the claymore.

Metal legs are quite stiff at first, but over a few uses quickly become loose. Almost too loose.
With pointed ends it allows this claymore to be stabbed into the ground.

The biggest issue with this claymore (thus the title Friend of Foe?) is safety being a huge issue. It's VERY sensitive. Literally a tap or a brush from your hand could make this thing go off. Biggest concern, biggest issue.


This claymore works by catching all the bbs in a little pouch. This pouch holds around 200 bbs. I suggest .12, the crappiest kind of bbs you can find. Save those nice bbs for your AEG / GBB!

A light will show once the claymore is on. BATTERY is included, surprised.

It's key you put the safety back on when loading the claymore. Close it by shutting the front, pushing down on the top, and then pushing the latch into place. PLEASE WATCH VIDEO. CONFUSING!

Load the bbs from the front. Very simple and any speed loader will work.
*Tap it lightly to ensure an even spread*

Remove safety and you are almost set!

Remote - SUPER FUN!

I'm surprised this remote works! Although the further you are away, the longer it will take to set off the claymore, but nonetheless it works! I walked about 150m (ran out of room) and it worked fine.

What's cool about this set up is you can set up, up to 4 claymores to 1 remote. Batteries also included. Made from plastic it's light weight and it fits right in the palm of your hands and it's quite fun to press it.


It's a little neat product that can really bring the game up to another level. Things to keep in mind is you have to becareful when setting it, you can't rush it. So CQB isn't the best place to go....(see video)

For 110 bucks, you can get a grenade or another sidearm. Choices choices choices.

Due to the sensitive trigger making this thing almost a "fail" I will have to give it a B rating, or an 8 out of 10.

- Fun - Very fun
- Nice spread of bbs able to take out more than 1 player
- Sensitive trigger
- One time use per game
Esthetism rating: 8/10
Performance rating: 7/10
Precision rating: 9/10
Accessories rating: 9/10
Quality rating: 7/10
Overall rating:

d3v1l How did you get it to not go off immediately after you pulled the safety? Did you modify it any?

4 years ago

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