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Model 1911 Mk IV
Brand KWA
Propulsion Gas
Shoot modes Semi-auto
Cost 160 USD
Magazine cap 14
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Creation date July 25, 2012
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Keywords: KWA, 1911, Mark, IV, Pistol, Side, Arm, Secondary

KWA has had an active year, releasing numerous pistols in both their PTP (Professional Training Pistol) series and their milsim series. Some of the notables(released or future releases) are their Russian pistols, HK 45, and the ATP Auto. For myself, and any pistol lover, the Classic 1911 A1 modeled after the WWII version is highly anticipated and is sure to be on my Christmas list. In the mean time, since my wallet won't allow me to pick up any of the new pistols, lets check out one of last years releases, the 1911 Mark IV.

I had been bugging my brother for quite a bit to borrow this, because I carry a different brand of 1911 in order to save some money. While I don't regret the decision completely, I wish I had to money to purchase this particular replica. He has had this weapon for over a year as part of his field kit (as we do not have access to many indoor CQB facilities) so it has seen some use over the past year, just not as much as maybe a speedball player.


It’s exterior is made of a medal lower, slide (with function catch when magazine is empty) and hand grip. It features and ambidextrous thumb safety, and has a slide catch/release, and mag release on the left side of the weapon. It features a skeleton trigger and hammer, and 3 dot mil-spec target sights. The main different between the Mark IV/II and the Mark I/III is the Picatinny rail or the IV/II’s that allow for accessories such as lasers and flashlights.

It’s interior is most metal, with a few exceptions. Notably the out barrel with a non removable, non threaded tip, and the air nozzle. The Mark IV, like all of KWA’s pistols feature their tried and true NS2 Green Gas blow back system. The reason I say Green Gas, is because KWA does not recommend using propane or red gas, because their system is pre-lubed with the idea that the gun will be used with green gas. The particular feature I like most, is that it can be field stripped just like the real steal 1911, giving it added value as a professional training tool.

The magazine is also made of metal, and carriers 14 BBs in-line. The spring can be locked down in order to make loading easier. They are thinner then some magazines, which I found particularly useful over my current pistol, which has full-sized, double stack magazines that can be big and clumsy. I also find myself using less green gas in these mags then comparable brands of 1911 magazines.


Overall Length = 22.22 cm [8.75"]
Overall Height = 15.24 cm [6"]
Inner Barrel Length = 115 mm
Inner Barrel Diameter = 6.05 mm
Weight = 1.01 kg [2.23 lbs]
Caliber = 6 mm
Magazine Capacity = 14 rounds
Velocity = 104-107 MPS [340-350 FPS]
Energy Output with 0.20g BB = 1.07 Joules
Gas System = NS2
Propellant = Green Gas


My experience with the gun has been excellent. Like I said, I have limited experience with it in the CQB environment, but when used in conjunction with my DMR Rifle, it is certainly a beast of a pistol. I was able to easily defend myself whenever my hide was stumbled upon, and even preferred it for ranges that were with in my DMR range, but still close enough to hit with the pistol.

It’s range is longer then most other 1911s without being the pistol from HALO 1 (know what I mean?) While anyone who is a beginner at airsoft would not do wrong by purchasing this as a secondary, it’s price tag might shy some away. Those who heavily invest in their kits would be remiss to miss this weapon replica, especially if your a fan of the 1911.

- Realism
- Weight
- Blow Back
- Cost
Esthetism rating: 9/10
Performance rating: 9/10
Precision rating: 9/10
Accessories rating: 9/10
Quality rating: 9/10
Overall rating:

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