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Model Standard Combat Shirt
Brand TRU Spec
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From the start (seeing it to buying it) I have loved this combat shirt and it fit nicely in my little stash of tactical uniforms. This combat shirt comes in a variety of colors/camos (Will get more indepth on that further on) and various more expensive versions also.

The Colors/Material

Alright so as I stated above this thing comes in numerous different sizes. The 50/50 Nylon Cotton Rip-Stop version comes in Multicam/sand(Pictured below), Army Digital/Foliage, Woodland(BDU not digital)/OD, and Dester 3-Color/Sand. The 65/35 Polyester Cotton Rip-Stop comes in Black/Black (I bought mine in black for CQB and Urban), OD/OD, Khaki/Sand, Navy/Navy, Digital Desert(MARPAT)/Sand, Uban Digital(Think Black and White army pattern)/black, Woodland Digital(MARPAT)/OD.
So to put it simply, there is a shirt for almost any invironment here.
The material is also very nice, the shirt portion (Non camo) is breathable and moisture-wicking. It is also made of a no melt no drip material (CORDURA Baselayer Fabric) so as to reduce the severity of burns. (BE WARNED IT IS NOT FIRE RESISTANT OR FIRE PROOF) The moisture wicking also is very nice and keeps the user comfortable too.

The Pockets/Elbow Padding

Now the velcro on the pockets are different on mine (Solid Black has just 2 large rectangular like on the normal ACUs and the sort. As you can see in the pictures it can vary depending on what you buy. I had one Combat shirt (Not TruSpec) that had the same configuration as these ones. The pockets both have heavy duty zippers that are easy to access(I will say though sometimes (depending on your vest) it can be difficult to get in you pockets too.). The left pocket also has a spot for IR tape with a cover on it (I don't know if mine came with any though). The material on the sleaves is a heavy duty (but still light) anti-abrasion material. The elbow pads come with built in padding also (Not quite enough but still nice to have). And last of all the wrist cuffs are great also. I would like to also note these three pictures the pockets are different (zippers are on the side not top on the right shoulder, these are just to demonstrate the velcro and camo)


Despite a couple things about it I don't like, it is a very well made shirt and very great to use with vests (That is what is made for anyways lol).

- Moisture-Wicking Shirt
- Pockets are easy (most times) to get into.
- Variety of Colors.
- Price (Ranges from $50-$100) depending on the version.
Esthetism rating: 9/10
Performance rating: 10/10
Precision rating: 10/10
Accessories rating: 9/10
Quality rating: 10/10
Overall rating:

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