G&G F2000 licensed by FN Herstal

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Category Replicas
Subcategory Assault rifle
Model F2000
Brand G&G Armament
Propulsion Electric
Shoot modes Semi-auto Auto
Cost 350 USD
Range 200 feet (60.96 meters)
Fire rate 1200 rounds/min
Magazine cap 450
Battery life 8 hours
Weight 7 lbs (3,175.14 grams)
Size 27.6 inches (70.10 cms)
General Informations
Creation date August 09, 2012
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About a year ago for Christmas I received the F2000. It was the single greatest moment of my airsoft career. This gun has been true to me for a year with not one issue, aside from the charging handle. I've never even had to open the gearbox. So here is my way of saying thank you to the gun that has never failed me.

Source 2 years of ownership

First Impressions

The gun arrived in the usual Cybergun box with flashy pictures and bull**** specs. However, it is a fairly tough box and comes with a built in carrying handle. The box includes a hex key, unjamming rod, 450 round extended m4 hi-cap magazine, crappy manual, and of course the gun.


The gun is made mostly out of G&G's polymer, which is of superb quality. This is because the real gun is also made mostly from polymer: everything metal on the real gun is metal on the replica. This includes the top rail, sling mounts, sights, outer barrel and alot of the internal pieces such as the magazine catch and assembly bolt. The gun has a functioning charging handle which is purely cosmetic and as mentioned before, can fall of after extended or rough usage. The gun features a front ejection port like the real gun with functioning dust cover. The gun can be broken apart by pushing out 1 bolt, which is attached to the lower receiver so people like me don't lose it. The whole upper assembly of the gun then slides off the lower assembly, allowing you free access to the inner barrel and hop-up. The sights are okay, just basic flip-up sights, and with all that beautiful rail space you would be made not to put some sort of optic or sight on it. Finally, the butt pad of the gun is designed to slide off after one end is twisted up. Removing it exposes your battery, which doesn't have as much room as you would think. I managed to jam, key word jam, a 9.6v 2300 mAh in there, but it is nigh impossible to remove on the field. Therefore I recommend a 7.4 LiPo, as it will fit easily.


I mentioned before I never opened up the gearbox right? Well this section will be short because of that. From pictures online I have seen that the version 6 gearbox is built like a rock. 2 years, being shot every 2 weeks at games, 5000 rounds in a month, all with the fps at 400 and minimum maintenance. That's 120,000 rounds with not a problem, which I think speaks for how tough the people at G&G built this gun internally. Whats also cool is the fact G&G included not only a quick-release spring system, but also an adjustable fps. For field games you simply turn the spring into the gearbox with a hex tool and screwdriver for 400 fps. For CQB loosen the spring out of the gearbox for 350 fps.


I would like to mention something I forgot about earlier, and that is the F2000's only flaw, though it is a big one: lack of customization. When I first got the gun nothing could be done to change the gun. Recently G&G release a RIS to replace the hand-guard and the F2000 built in scope. Sounds great, right? The RIS is $150 and the scope is $200. The special F2000 grenade launcher has been confirmed, but will probably cost a fortune as well. Really it is a shame that so little can be done with the gun, although I will mention that the upper rail is long enough to hold whatever you really need. For magazines, it will only accept hi-caps and modified midcaps. Don't panic, it just requires you to take a file and shave off some excess plastic on the magazine: www.youtube.com/watch


In conclusion, if you want a gun that will last forever, get the F2000. If you want to stand out at your field, get the F2000. And if you want in my opinion the best bullpup gun on the market, get the F2000. You will not be let down.

- Beautiful externals and trademarks
- Excellent performance and rate of fire
- Indestructible gearbox
- Adjustable feet per second
- Looks awesome and unique
- Charging handle tends to break
- Requires modified magazines
- Lack of customization
- Somewhat small battery space
- Manual could be better
Esthetism rating: 9/10
Performance rating: 10/10
Precision rating: 9/10
Accessories rating: 3/10
Quality rating: 10/10
Overall rating:

Weasel Excellent review, thanks for writing.

4 years ago

AlmostDangerous Now, when you say "requires modified magazine" what exactly do you mean by modified? are we talking five minutes' worth of minor work, or something that could be an all project for even experienced modifiers? I've been thinking about getting an F2000 for my girlfriend and I, since we're both avid airsofters.

5 years ago

Oxiclean On the top of the magazine is the little bb release tab that feed the magazine. On mid-caps the spring is longer so the nub of plastic around it is longer too. All you need to do is shave off an eighth of an inch of said nub and the magazine should fit. I did 12 metal and plastic magazines in about an hour, so all it really takes is 5 minutes each and a file. Be advised that like several guns it still has issues getting some textured magazines to fit, such as pmags. I have found some fit and some don't. Hope this helps.

5 years ago

AlmostDangerous Oh yeah, totally! Thanks!

5 years ago

Oxiclean No problem

5 years ago
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