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It use to be that if you needed more MOLLE Space then your chest rig or plate carrier could handle, you would just go out a purchase leg/thigh rigs with specific purposes or just a free MOLLE panel. It soon became apparent to real world operators that these rigs became troublesome, sometimes because the load would cause the MOLLE to panel to drop but mostly due to the fact that the pouches would get stuck on window sills/frames while climbing through. Enter, the battlebelt, a strip of MOLLE usually secured with a tactical belt through it that provided ample real state for additional accessories.

Operators started to place more demands on the battlebelt, not only by eliminating the thigh rigs and placing those load on the belt, but by eliminating loads on the sides of their plate carriers. This makes for a higher speed load, allowing the operator to tuck their elbows into their body for a slimmer profile. Speed/Ranger clips were places on the operators strong side in order to facilitate quick reloads under fire, rather then having to rumage through flaps on mag pouches on their chest.


While Pantac USA does offer a true battle belt, they also offer a Y-Harness Battle Belt in an all inclusive package. You do not have to fork over additional cash to purchase a belt to secure the battle belt to your body, or an H-harness to suspend the whole get-up. It is constructed out of 1000D Condura, mil-spec buckles, and boasts three rows of MOLLE space and an amazingly affordable price.


I had originally purchased the Y-Harness as an alternative to my plate carrier for summer play in the impossibly hot and humid weather in Florida. As a stand alone platform, it works well if you carrying few magazines and a pistol. I did not hesitate to use hi-caps to minimize the load off magazines, while still giving me the ability to carry a pistol, dump pouch, and water bottle holder.

I now intend to use it as a battle belt system to lighten the load on my plate carrier as well as relocate the pistol I carry on my leg. I have used it in this fashion before in order to carry a second dump pouch in order to secure my DMR while using my SMG in room clearing or CQB situations, and it worked out well. I did not take the harness off for that Op, but I have experimented with removing the straps and using it as a stand alone belt which looks like it will work.

My biggest complaint with the product as a whole would be the excess straps once I've cinch the buckles tight on my shoulders. It was simple enough to fix by duck taping them to the straps that went over my shoulder, but I can't imagine the excess straps shorter players (I'm 6'4") would have to deal with in order to tighty things up.


So basically, for the price of some riggers belts, I now have an effective battlebelt, with an actual "belt" to secure it around my waist. Under rigorous summer conditions, Pantac USA's Y-Harness battle belt has taken the punishment of wear and tear on stucco buildings, rock formations, and rolling around the dirt.

- Cost
- Good Quality
- Strong MOLLE
- excessive straps
Esthetism rating: 9/10
Performance rating: 9/10
Precision rating: 9/10
Accessories rating: 9/10
Quality rating: 9/10
Overall rating:

TheHobo777 Looks great! How much can I pick one up for? Also what other colors does it come in?

5 years ago

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