NFM GARM Combat Jacket & Pants

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Category Tactical clothing
Subcategory Battle Dress Uniforms
Brand NFM/Equipnor
Cost 670 USD
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Creation date August 16, 2012
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(Both jacket and pants): Very good quality, looks and feels sturdy. Stitchings are good and few loose threads are found inside or outside. You can really see the workmanship in the products wich makes a smile on my face. The jacket is slightly lighter in color than the pants, no big deal but it got my attention. The GARM logo is stitched onto the pants on the side pocket flap and on the sleeve on the jacket. They are also marked FR. ( Fire Retardant ) Fast drying and made of many hi-tech fabrics for breathability and fast drying capabilities. Jacket and pants have pockets for knee and elbow pads.

The Jacket:

The Jacket:

Traditional pockets: Four external pockets two on chest and two at abdomen/belly level. One huge pocket on the lower back with two access zippers like the back pockets on the old jackets from the 70's/80's.

Modern pockets: Upper arm pockets with velcro for patches etc. The pocket is angeled and does not look like anything i've seen before in modern jackets/combat shirts because of the shape and position. Two big pockets on the inside of jacket. Two sidepockets near the armpits with zippers, these pockets are directly under the traditional chestpockets.[The pockets on the inside are accessable from the sidepockets] Elbow pocket for protective pads.

Jacket features:

Big hood with lots of adjustment options. The jacket can be "body fitted" by pulling the waistband elastic cords etc. Zipper opening under both armpits for ventilation. You can zip/button/velcro the jacket closed in the front. It's fitted with huge buttons for when you need to operate with gloves/snow-mittens. Most pockets are closed by buttons and velcro.

The Pants

Fitted with detachable suspenders wich cross with a "X" on the back for carrying heavy equipment in the belt etc. Big and small buttons on all pockets exept the one on the leg and the side one obviously.

Pockets: Traditional side and butt pockets and big external on the thigh. small pocket on the shin(leg)

Pants features:

Made in the good old "combat pants" classic design with few pockets but with a more athletic cut for better fit.
Internal pocket for GARM-kneepads. These are fast drying and light weight. Elastic bands on the leg for adjustments and the "engagement" of the kneepads to your knee. Zipper opening from the foot to the knee for ventilation and access to legs.


- Light Weight
- Made for military personell
- Fast drying
- Expencive
- Will get wet/soaked in heavy rain
- Global shipment is not likely
Esthetism rating: 8/10
Performance rating: 8/10
Precision rating: 10/10
Accessories rating: 7/10
Quality rating: 10/10
Overall rating:

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