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Category Replicas
Subcategory Pistols
Model M93r NS2
Brand KWA
Propulsion Gas
Shoot modes Semi-auto Auto
Cost 175 USD
Range 150 feet (45.72 meters)
Fire rate 800 rounds/min
Magazine cap 32
Weight 2.34 lbs (1,061.41 grams)
Size 25.3 centimeters
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Creation date August 27, 2012
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KWA is a company that stands behind their product. They make fantastic, realistic gas blow back guns for both the average Airsofter and the professinal law enforcement as a training weapon. Speaking solely on the Airsoft Aspect of it, the KWA m93r is a monster. With so many new KWA guns coming out we shouldn't forget some of the old classic KWA guns like the KWA m93r. A workhorse that could be used both as a secondary and a primary this makes the m93r something special, and with its 3 firing modes of semi, full auto and a 3rd burst it makes for a great CQB gun.

This gun was sponsored by Airsoft Station

You can also watch the view on my channel - www.youtube.com/chairmanlao1911



Comes with all the paperwork (including a 45 day warranty from KWA)
Silicone lube
Hop up adjustment key
And of course, the gun itself.

Fancy box - stating that this gun is designed for .25 gram bb and heavier. Please keep that in mind!!

The gun

The orange tip is painted on there, and one of the flaws of the this gun is having the plastic outer barrel. So before you go around and spraying paint remover on this. Don’t. It will melt the barrel. I wish they went with the metal barrel, because the plastic one just brings the gun down a notch.
However the slide is metal. Believe it or not, there are actually a few different versions of the m93r in terms of the trades on the gun. This version has KWA M93r and Cal 6.00mm on it in white. The lower frame is metal which gives the gun the right weight it deserves.
This was made for the right handed shooter as the controls like the slide release and selector switch are only on one side. Everything is right at your finger tips, and I had no problem switching the firing mode. The controls are made of metal.
What makes the m93r stand apart from the rest is the very cool flip down metal foregrip. It snaps into place, and does not fall down without applying some type of force. However, it isn’t very comfortable to use.
The recoil isn’t as snappy as other guns, but the m93r makes up that flaw with its firing mode. 1 white dot is semi. 3 white dot is a 3rd burst, and finally in the middle of the two is full auto. There is also another switch you can pull down (covering) the red dot that activates the safety.
Both rear and front sight are fixed and offer the simple white dot.
An extendable / folding stock is out on the market to truly make this gun into a primary.


The construction of the mag is very solid (full metal) with the markings on the back and yes even the magazine lip itself is metal. I have found that the gun will lock back even when there are still bbs in it. This issue also happened with the KWA mp7. I'm using Elite Force .20 for the chrono - which is about 340 or so avg.

It holds about 2 mags full of gas - which is decent.

Accuracy test

See the full accuracy test and shooting here ---> www.youtube.com/watch

KWA hop up are easier to adjust due to the hop up key they included. It does not need to be taken apart to be adjusted. Therefore you can change out the bbs with easy from .20 to something heavy like a .28. With a few turns the hop up can be adjusted!

The gun has a range of 150ft. which is pretty good for a pistol. Groupings under 100 proves that this gun is perfect for cqb. Any mansize target is easy to hit without even trying.

It is a MUST that you use something that is at LEAST .25. Because this gun is designed for .25+. I was using Elite Force .28

Other things to note

Taking apart the gun is quite simple, press the button on one side, and turn the tab down, the slide will move forward. Now simply slide the slide forward. However I am not a fan of the assembly of the m93r. The recoil spring is a pain to assemble, It takes more time to assemble it than other guns.. The outer barrel comes out like a glock, push it down, and out. It does not pull through the front like a 1911.

Not awhole lot of upgrade parts for the kwa m93r besides the folding stock. But lots of replacement parts. The KWA m93r does come with a 45 day warranty, and like I mentioned above. Green gas only, using propane voids their warranty.


If you want a gun that you can take from CQB to field without changing much of it, then the KWA m93r is a gun for you. Priced well under 200.00 it is a pistol that packs a punch. 3rd burst are perfect to tap off, and the full auto is also a great function for a Sniper's side arm.

Thank you for reading, if you have a Youtube account consider subscribing to my channel. www.youtube.com/chairmanlao1911

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- Metal slide
- 3rd burst / full auto
- 45 day warranty
- Unique
- Plastic (outer) barrel
- Expensive magazines
Esthetism rating: 8/10
Performance rating: 9/10
Precision rating: 8/10
Accessories rating: 9/10
Quality rating: 9/10
Overall rating:

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