KSC Sig SP2022 [Taiwan Version]

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Category Replicas
Subcategory Pistols
Model Sig SP2022
Brand KSC / KWA
Propulsion Gas
Shoot modes Semi-auto
Cost 140 EUR
Range 50 meters (164.04 feet)
Magazine cap 22
Weight 717 grams (1.58 lbs)
Size 18 centimeters
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Creation date September 02, 2012
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As of yet, the Sig Sp2022 is a rather unique weapon in airsoft. There are 2 other models manufactured by other brands, but both do not share the quality as well as characteristics of KSC. With the new System 7, it grants stolid performance as well as reliability. Like a lot of other KSC Guns, this will come at a higher price than other models.
I bought this gun because I need a new and reliable Back-Up weapon system with good handling. Also, i wanted something unique unlike the epidemic of 1911 and Glock players. So as you can imagine, the KSC Sp2022 was a good choice.


The KSC Sp2022 is licensed by Cybergun. And because of this fact, the gun comes in a Cybergun typical coloured box. You have some facts about the gun such as the fps on 0,12g and 0,20g BB's, size and operation. When you open the box, you are going to find a detailed instruction manual with all operation steps shown on pictures. Unfortunatelly, there is no parts breakdown, so you'll have to find it yourself. Besides the Instruction Manual, you'll find the gun sealed in some kind of foil. There is also a small pack of BB's and the needed Hop-Up adjustment key.

Build quality

As you may imagine, the build quality is very good compared to other airsoft brands. KSC is known for their high standards. You'll notice little to no casting seams on the body and a good matching metal slide. There is another version with a plastic slide (Japan Version), which has no white painted Markings. The frame is made out of a very sturdy polymer. I have no worries about it breaking anytime soon. The magazine is, as you would expect, made out of full metal with a polymer base plate. The new System 7 magazines also offer a metal feeding lip in order to ensure reliability and a modified gas-release valve. Unlike on the KWA Glock-Series, you don't have to slide the base plate off in order to refill the gas. The magazine seems to be very sturdy besides the eventual paint scratch-off. The outer barrel is made out of a high-strength polymer. This needs to be that way because earlier System 7 guns had feeding issues with metal barrels. The internals are, like I mentioned, System 7. The nozzle and gas-chamber are enhanced and flattened. Both seem to be very solid. The barrel, which is covered by the enormously strong recoil spring is made out of steel on the inside to ensure longlivety. Hop-Up chamber as well as seal make a very good appearance.


Why would I choose to make a seperate paragraph only about the guns markings? Thats because it is officially licensed by Sig Sauer and offers Real-Steel markings. The first is the most obvious one. It says Sig Sauer Sp2022 right on the slide with nicely finished letters. On the right side next to it, you'll find a "frame made with rail" marking on the frame. The grips offer a nice "Sig Pro" logo on both sides. On the bottom of the gun, right behind the rails, you'll find a unique serial number engraved in a silver plate. Very nice job KSC. As on the right side of a gun, there is another marking on the frame which says "read manual before use". The last 2 markings is a "9mm Para" on the Polymer barrel and a "Sig Pro" on the magazine. Thanks to Cybergun for licensing the gun, it adds a lot of realism and is 100 times better than a gun without any markings.

Perfomance & Handling

Both, performance as well as Handling are outstanding on the Sig. I thought, the gas comsumption would be a lot higher due to the relatively big slide, but I wasn't disappointed. You can shoot 2,5 magazines out of a full charge which eguals 55BB's. This is superb compared to other brands. In my opinion, it can be related to the System 7 with enhanced internals. The fps drop is more consistant and the gun is able to fire in sub-zero temperatures. Accuracy and cycling speed are both on the upper end of GBB's. Not comparable to TM, but still very satisfying. I was able to hit a human-size target at about 50m, which is pretty good from my point of view. Also, you won't notice any "flyers" (BB's that do drift to the side) and follow-up shots will be straight.
Nontheless, it is important to clean and maintain you gun carefully. I suggest using grease on the rails and silicon oil in the blowback chamber. Handling is, due to some factors, also a joy. First and farmost, the balance is great. The masspoint lies exactly where your hand is. Slide-release and decocker are located near the thumb which makes operating so much easier. The Hop-Up can be adjusted by the key which will also be in your package. Simply stick it in the chamber and twist it in order to adjust the Hop-Up.


All in all the Sig Sp2022 is a very reliable and user-friendly weapon. It offers good control and performance which speaks for itself. I wouldn't hasitate in using it as a skirmish weapon. For me, it is a heavy duty pistol, which will have to handle a lot of stress. And I do not worry about it breaking.

- solid build
- good performance / consumption
- good balance
- user friendly
- price (not really)
- rare to find
- expensive magazines
Esthetism rating: 10/10
Performance rating: 9/10
Precision rating: 9/10
Accessories rating: 7/10
Quality rating: 10/10
Overall rating:

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