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Category Replicas
Subcategory Sub-machine guns
Model MP7A1
Propulsion Gas
Shoot modes Semi-auto Auto
Cost 250 GBP
Range 30 meters (98.43 feet)
Magazine cap 40
Weight 2130 grams (4.70 lbs)
Size 383 centimeters
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Creation date October 08, 2012
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The MP7A1 is a Heckler & Koch design. The original NATO PDW design used a HK 4.6x30mm cartridge. The requirements revealed in 1989 called for a PDW with a better penetration power than the standard pistol cartridges at the time. H&K designed and started producing the MP7 in 2001, designed as a direct rival to the FN Herstal P90. Since then the MP7 has been revised to the A1 model to fixed problems that had arisen with the original model. The aim was to produce a machine pistol that could penetrate the current high quality body armour that made conventional pistol cartridges in effective.

The MP7 operates as an assault rifle - the action is simply a scaled down G36 action. In reality, the MP7 is the only firearm still in production that is chambered for 4.6x30mm. The ammunition is made of hardened steel instead of the typical copper/lead tips, adding to its penetration power against body armour. The weapon has 3 sized magazines, 20rd, 30rd and a 40rd box magazine. Due to the calibre of the round, about 25% more ammunition can be stored in a magazine compared to conventional 9mm cartridges. This machine pistol has been very successful design used in various armies across the globe (semi-auto variant being used with our very own British MOD. The MP7A1 featured a Glock style trigger safety and more ergonomically grips.

The KWA MP7 is a close copy of the H&K MP7A1, with endorsement/ branding from UMAREX. The machine pistol holds all the same branding and dimensions as the real thing, just without the deadly ammunition. The KWA MP7 is a gas blowback SMG using KWAs infamous NS2 gas system. This gas system has been tried and proven to provide far better consistency between shots in a large number of environments. The system is so reliable that the machine pistol can be submersed on water, cleared and fired straight away (as seen on youtube) much like the real thing.

This SMG was loaned to me by a good friend. He bought it a few months ago and couldn't sing higher praises of this piece of kit. I decided I would borrow it for the week and take it on a couple of games to assess its performance.

First Impressions. Small Gun, Big Bang!

When you first receive the MP7 in its box, UMAREX have done their typical job of a black box with red trim and writing. This style looks very cool and very professional. The packaging itself is very good and solid, much better than some other brands I've reviewed. The MP7 was weighed in at around 2100g which is a bit heavier than the real thing… but regardless, this is a light weapon! As stock, the stock is a 2 point retractable skeleton stock… you have the choice of fully retracted (383mm length total) or fully extended (590mm total), I personally feel this stock is too long with not enough adjustment but I was later informed you can buy a 6 point version which is very easy to swap over (or you can butcher the existing stock to make more points). The gun itself is finished very well, It doesn't look tacky in the slightest despite being made mainly of ABS. The machine pistol comes with 3 firing modes (safe, semi, auto) - the auto setting had me grinning ear from ear when firing! The NS2 gas system allows a full 40rd magazine to be unloaded with no noticeable decrease in ROF. All the same, I didn't test the ROF so I can't give you a specific value on that.

One thing I love about gas blowback is the noise and the MP7 does not disappoint. This thing has virtually no recoil and yet it competed with my WE SCAR in noise level! Safe to say this gun isn't stealthy once you open fire! The consistency of the MP7 is also outstanding, firing 10 shots in quick succession with only a 7fps variation. The variation could even be accounted for as I was using an almost empty can of Abbey Ultra - low pressured gas can provide far more variance. The one downside of this machine pistol, is the noise it produces will give you away. In a CQB environment, you can't be sneaky with this SMG, its just way too loud. The gun is also comparatively expensive coming in at £250 for the gun and £50-£60 per magazine! This make the gun plus 4 extra magazines around £450…

In terms of accessories, the MP7 holds 1 long upper rail and 2 short side rails, due to the small size of the SMG the rails don't offer a huge amount of space. Saying this, the rails are more than long enough to mount an optic and a torch with space to spare. I have using the MP7 in game and managed to mount 2 torches (regular and IR), a NV camera and an clone eotech 552, this is probably way to many accessories on such a small gun leaving me to believe that for the MP7, less is more. Some companies do offer MP7 thigh and chest holsters however, given the cost of the MP7, its probably too expensive as a side arm and too heavy when loaded in with a magazine.

I have handled this particular MP7 several times, I was the one to service it and fit the RA-TECH NPAS. Out of the box the MP7 did 400 on green gas, 380 on abbey ultra however, with the very clever NPAS system, you can set the FPS to anything between 50fps (not recommended… its rubbish) to 400fps. We had it tuned to 330fps and took it to F&O The Mall for a couple of night games! The magazine is more than capable of expelling all 40rds with no compromise in consistency however, this is to be expected from the NS2 system.

The awkward but typical hop unit from KWA is present in the MP7. Its a good hop unit for CQB however, companies such as Falcon do soft hop rubbers for those of you engaging at distances greater than 30m. In my experience, the MP7 with a 0.2g bb could hit the same 4" gap 9 times out of 10 from about 20-25 meters away. In fact, there were several occasions when the MP7s accuracy allowed me to "trick shot" through the gaps between walls and doors (usually not more than 1") from 3 meters away without having to think - it was almost literally point and shoot!

The accuracy on full auto (like most guns) deteriorated significantly however, with such a short trigger pull and such an accurate semi auto, I am struggling to see why you would need full auto. On a slight negative, I am not confident that KWA's build quality is up to taking anything more than green gas (i.e. guarder black or propane). I am aware of friends who run theirs on propane and have had to replace parts with the steel counterparts.

The last thing I'm going to cover is the disassembly. The MP7 is ridiculously easy to disassembly. I managed to field strip the machine pistol without any tools (which is more than I can say for more airsoft replicas). The gun disassembles into its main components with the removal of the body pins. To disassemble any further you will need a pin punch and a hammer to punch out the retention pins and a screw driver for a couple of screws. Other than that, its easy! Fitting the NPAS took me about 15 minutes despite never handling an MP7 at all!


Overall, I feel this machine pistol is fantastic. Its a good solid piece of work from KWA, something I feel they should pride themselves on. If they could build all their weapons to this standard then I think I would migrate to KWA and never look back! The performance is outstanding, augmented by the NS2 gas system and a relatively decent hop.

The aesthetics of the weapon system are unbelievable and you will only really appreciate it when you see a KWA MP7 in person. The body work is fantastic contrary to my opinions on typical ABS bodywork. The internals are great however, they will need some upgrading if you want to be able to vary or increase the performance. As a side arm, you could get away with running this stock on abbey ultra and not have to worry.

The rail system is small (understandable for a small weapon) however, it has more rail space than comparable machine pistols such as the MP9. The weight of this weapon might deter you from using it as a side arm however, it wouldn't be such a crazy idea for a sniper - the MP7 will level the playing field in CQB if you have to drop your sniper due to MED. Its accuracy is very respectable inside of 30m (UK MED being around 20-30m) and it could be used as a simple "spray and pray" back up to buy time until your back up arrives!

Its safe to say that the UMAREX/KWA MP7 is a beautiful weapon and stirs up some very novel and entertaining fantasies of airsoft firefights...

- Good quality bodywork
- Great NS2 gas system
- consistent FPS
- high ROF
- Very loud!
- Build quality for higher pressured gas
- could have more rails
Esthetism rating: 9/10
Performance rating: 9/10
Precision rating: 7/10
Accessories rating: 7/10
Quality rating: 9/10
Overall rating:

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