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Ok, first thing is first, I am in no way what so ever related or in any way connected to this website or its owners and am purely giving credit where credit is due on a good job well done.....

Since I started playing airsoft, I have had the age old battle of finding a face mask setup that I like. I have wasted ££££s over and over again buying all different types of masks, goggles and eye protection. I either had the problem that the goggles don't fit the lower face mask or that the lower face mask is too tight, too loose, too sharp... blah blah blah !

I was talking to a guy and he mentioned buying a lower face mask from www.heroshark.co.uk and I told him that I hated the lower face masks for the above reasons. He reasurred me that these were different so I had a look and here is where I am now.

The company make a selection of masks and goggles. I contacted the owner and told him what I wanted. I had the choice of simply sending him a picture of my face and he could make a lower mask to fit my face or I could go the full hog and get a custom mask made up. I like to treat to myself Posted Image so I went for the fiberglass lower face mask and asked if I could get it built around a set of his SpearTooth goggles as they suited my load-out the best.

I received very prompt replies to my emails and was told that they would get onto it as soon as I sent my face cast.......... PARDON ?! Rewind a bit.......... A FACE CAST ??

Yip.... A plaster of Paris cast of my BAKE !

It was actually quite fun and not as bad as it looks Posted Image You obviously don't have to do this stage if you are going for normal mesh or goggles and I jumped ahead a bit and went overboard as I found out later that I only had to do a lower face cast rather than a whole head . Oh well Posted Image

I popped my loaf in the post and Sharky ( the site owner ) got a pleasant looking parcel the next day lol


I received emails throughout the process, asking if I was happy enough to do it this way or that way and he changed or added features as I required.
This is the end product and I cannot praise it enough ! The build quality is fantastic and its obviously been made to fit my face so feels like a second skin, but one that I wouldn't mind you shooting point blank range obviously

As you can see, the mask fits to the face very flush and when you put a snood over the top of it, you would not even know that there is a mask there. The ventilation holes that are in the mask look bigger in the picture than they actually are and have no chance of being penetrated through by a BB.


I would highly recommend the goggles as a stand alone purchase if you are sick of goggles that steam up as the mesh that is used is excellent and gives very good visibility.

Wilky from the forum was very kind and give me an S10 gas mask that required new lens so as I was talking to Sharky, I asked if he could also use the same mesh on the gas mask. Again, the pictures show the quality of the mesh and it is a fantastic job well done.

As I said, I am not on any sort of commission or anything like that but have an awl horrible tummy bug and have taken the day off work so just thought I would do this review for anyone that might be interested to an alternative style of mask or goggles


- Fits like a glove
- Lightweight
- No fogging
Esthetism rating: 10/10
Performance rating: 10/10
Precision rating: 10/10
Accessories rating: 10/10
Quality rating: 10/10
Overall rating:

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