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The AK 47 is one of, if not the most, recognized rifle any where in the world. It’s reliability in harsh conditions and virtually in-exhaustive numbers world wide, it is one of the most popular weapons used by militaries, war lords, pirates and gangsters alike. Whether on the streets of gangland USA, waters of Africa’s coast, or the harsh middle eastern deserts, the AK 47 continually shows itself as a popular, recognizable weapon.

G&G Armaments RK 103 EVO Crane is an upgraded, more tactical version of the favorite AK 47. Imagine a shark, that would be the AK 47. Now imagine a shark with laser beams attached to their heads; that would be the RK 103.


The RK 103 EVO Crane separates its self from the AK 47 for several reasons. All the wood that is traditionally found on the AK 47 has been replaced with high quality polymer RIS hand guards, allowing for quick and easy swaps for accessories. The wooden handle has also been replaced with a high quality ergonomic pistol grip. Another feature found on the EVO Crane version, is the 5 position crane stock, where the fuse and battery connector is found.nnThe receiver is made out of metal and houses the metal gear box, which features the pneumatic blow back system. G&G has installed a bolt on top of the gear box that gets pushed back when the piston travels forward, pushing air up into the bolt. The position of the bolt is such that it does not add any extra stress on the gear box itself.

The Good

The AK 47 had never really been attractive to me, for the fact that they just didn’t have as many options to add accessories as the M4 platform. Sure, it would be an awesome addition to the “bad guy” or “OpFor” load out, but the in ability to transfer over my accessories was a down side. With the polymer RIS hand guards of the RK 103 EVO, there is enough real estate to put flashlights, optics, lasers, for grips and even contours without a second thought.nnThe slide hop up adjustment was a departure for myself, as I am use to the wheel style hop ups. I found this hop up easy to adjust rather quickly with very little effort on my part. I could keep the rile secured to my should, pull back the charging handle with my left hand, and manipulate the slide with my right hand. Also, being able to see the slide’s position made adjusting the hop up easier then using a wheel version, where there is not indicator as to how much hop up is on or off.

The Not So good

My biggest “issue” with the gun was the storage capabilities for the battery. The Crane stock is set up so that the fuse, which is protected with a plastic case, fits in the buffer tube. This requires you to use nunchuck style batteries, which isn’t a deal breaker, but I’ve seen better designed crane stocks that allow for both nunchuck, as well as block style batteries, while still including a fuse.nnStorage aside, the stock itself was sturdy, and you won’t have to worry about the butt section falling off, expelling your batteries while running around. If your one of those guys that enjoy running around with a stock pouch on the outside anyway, problem solved.nnSecondly, and while not a BAD thing, I was hoping a little more for the pneumatic system. It is much more rewarding than your standard AEG or even most EBBs, it isn’t THAT much more noticeable. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t expecting the recoil of a GBBR, but I was expecting a little more of a kick.


The RK 103 EVO Crane has made a strong case to become my first AK platform for my “OpFor” load out that I will have to inevitably put together from some national op at some point. It is a strong and accurate AEG, with all the tactical real estate that makes the M4 platform such a popular replica to run. It truly is a versatile, multipurpose weapon, and can easily fit into several different load outs.

While maybe it will always be more “operator” to run around with a Mk18, multicam load out with an LBT 6094 on, this replica could be used for the true SF emulator who has hunkered in with indigenous look for the long haul. Think about it. I would rock this with a beard if work permitted me to grow one.

- RIS Handguard
- Unique Pneumatic Blow Back
- Gear Box not affected should PBB Fail
- little kick
Esthetism rating: 8/10
Performance rating: 9/10
Precision rating: 9/10
Accessories rating: 8/10
Quality rating: 9/10
Overall rating:

dion.holswich Isn't this based on an AK-74 rather than an AK-47? In fact, I would go as far as to say it is based on an AK-103 variant (7.62mm version of the AK-74 from memory, hence the G&G name of RK103), so it is an AK-103 tactical and is quite different to an AK-47.

4 years ago

RBAirsoft I was thinking the same thing!

4 years ago

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