Kriss Vector Preliminary Review

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Category Replicas
Subcategory Sub-machine guns
Model Kriss Vector
Brand KWA
Propulsion Gas
Shoot modes Semi-auto Auto
Cost 330 GBP
Range 40 meters (131.23 feet)
Fire rate 13 rounds/min
Magazine cap 49
Weight 2660 grams (5.86 lbs)
Size 63 centimeters
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Creation date January 08, 2013
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After a very long wait, KWA have finally released the Kriss Vector! The Kriss was released first in Taiwan around the 18th of December (just in time for "Krissmas"). Being a Brit, I had to wait for mine... The Kriss made it into the UK around the 27th December 2012. Sadly because of the Holiday season, many of those who got first dibs on a Kriss didn't get it until the 2nd or 3rd January 2013. Due to some misfortune (and terrible India airline companies) I had to wait until Sunday for mine as I was stuck in Delhi... However, first thing I did when I got back was to unbox the Kriss and have a play!

This review is a preliminary review. As the video on youtube will repeat, I don't believe its correct or beneficial to future buyers to simply rant and rave when I have only taken it out the box and first 150 rounds. I will write a more detailed review in the months to come!

First Impressions and unboxing!

The Kriss comes in a very neat KWA box with the super V logo, Kriss Vector logo and an outlined picture of the gun. The box itself is far bigger than I had expected however, when you open the box, you realise just how big this sub-machinegun actually is! You are faced with a Kriss Vector, 1 magazine, a manual, some silicone oil and a pair of adjustment tools (one for the ironsights, one for the hop). The manual was the first thing I read, I'm not usually like that however, I was curious as to if KWA had any tricks up their sleeves that I wasn't aware of. As it appears, other than the clever bolt carrier and the slightly re-designed hop unit - its all pretty standard for KWA.

I can confirm with 100% confidence that the Kriss does run on the NS2 gas system - the reason for saying this is because of all the hear-say surround the Vector and its gas system. I have already disassembled the bolt carrier and nozzle and compared the innards to my MP9 and some spare parts from an deceased MP7. It is an NS2/ System 7 flute valve. My next article will be about the installation of the NPAS. I have already done it and done some tests!

When you hold the Kriss, it is surprisingly heavy, coming in at nearly 3kg (about what my WE SCAR weighed as stock. Add a magazine in the mix and it becomes quite a weighty gun. Thankfully because of the design of the gun, the weight is pretty balanced and doesn't seem to cause much of an issue but I will be able to confirm that after a game day! The finish of the gun and the fixtures on the gun are very good! The body of the gun is ABS. The rails and fixtures are all metal. Internally it is all metal which is great to see! Well worth the price they are asking in my opinion.

The disassembly of the gun is VERY simple. Remove 3 pins and the gun pulls apart into two pieces. Remove a 4th pin and the bolt carrier unit (BCU) drops out the bottom. The BCU is a VERY clever mechanism and I have a lot of respect for the guys who managed to make it work! Both the airsoft version and the real steel version are a huge achievement. In my NPAS review, I will go into detail about removing the nozzle and dismantling - it is somewhat different to any other NS2 nozzle I have seen.

The hop unit is pretty much a standard hop KWA unit attached to a 6.05mm barrel. The only difference is that the hop adjustment is about 5mm deeper into the breach of the gun compared to an MP9 and the NS2 pistols. This means you need a dedicated Kriss hop adjustment tool. I wouldnt risk using a screw driver in case you chip one of the teeth off! A brief accuracy test has shown a very effective range of 30m on 0.2s so I would imagine 0.25s would produce an effective range of 40m.

I am extremely happy with the Kriss, the finish is brilliant, the markings are awesome. Almost everything about it implies that a lot of thought and effort went into the design. The selector and safety is incredibly secure. I would be surprised if anyone could accidentally engage the safety or change the selector mode. They both make a very satisfying click when you use them. The gun features a conveniently placed bolt lock/ release which makes a satisfying noise then the bolt is released. When you hold the Kriss by the pistol grip and the magazine well, it is quite apparent you can operate the entire gun with ease. The magazine catch is in a little bit of a weird place but by no means inaccessible.

The gun comes with a pair of Rhino style flip up sights. These sights can be adjusted with ease and KWA provide a tool to adjust the front sight. Personally, I will be using an EOTECH so the sights don't have much use for me however, they are very good quality and very sturdy! The pistol grip of the Kriss has a little storage compartment which is more than enough space for a small/medium lipo (if you want the Kriss as a side arm) but it will also store the sight and hop tool for the Kriss with ease.

The gun uses 3 fire modes plus an independent safety. The safety is in the region your thumb and index finger will sit when not resting on the trigger. This does mean flicking from safe to live is very quick and easy. The selector is less convenient to get to if you have small hands. I can adjust it with my thumb when I am holding the magwell however, smaller friends of mine have struggled to adjust the fire selector without taking their hand off the gun... The semi, 2 round and full auto modes all work perfectly! You may find if you have fired an odd number of rounds on semi or auto that your first trigger squeeze on 2 round burst will only release 1 round. This is because there is a tumbler in the trigger mech that rotates when you squeeze the trigger. It seems that in 2 round burst, there is a pair of notches which allow the 2 rounds to be fired without risk of full auto. Its not the end of the world but I definitely though I had broken it first time I had a play!

In terms of the internals, it all looks to be steel construction. I would prefer people don't quote me on this as I do not know the quality of the steel used. I have done the magnet test but that only confirms there is iron in the metal... If a company like RA-TECH were to produce CNC steel parts, I would definitely invest so that I could run higher pressured gases.

The gun comes with a lower rail, long upper rail but only one side rail. This can be put to the side you like. I don't know why KWA didn't just give us two rails but no doubt I will be getting 1 machined. The existing rail space is more than enough to a sight, torch and foregrip. The gun comes with a foregrip however, I took that off as it only extends your grip by an inch or two and you loose 4 inches of potential rail space for a torch.

The FPS on this gun was interesting. KWA state 380fps on green. When I chorno'd using Abbey ultra, I got 310fps. In the UK that is low enough to guarantee use at any site. The main issue would be that Abbey won't be able to let the gun perform at lower temperatures that green gas might.

There are only a couple of things I dislike about this gun:

Firstly, The Kriss has a folding stock. This stock features two problems in my opinion. The first one is that the stock cannot be adjusted on the fly. You need to unscrew 4 allen keys, adjust then screw back again. This is a lot more effort and time than I spend on any of my other stocks. The material for the butt of the stock is the same ABS the body is made of, I would hardly call this comfortable or nice to look at!

On the hinge of the Kriss, there is a QD mount. The QD mount is biased for a left handed shooter, however, if you look at the body of the Kriss, it is more biased to a right handed shooter. This does mean for us in the right.. we have a sling strap traversing the stock and pressing on our throats when we go to aim. I am sure people will find a work around but as an immediate problem, its a little annoying!

My final complaint is about the thread on the end of the barrel. The end of the barrel seems to be a 16mm +ve thread... As most of you will know, the majority of airsoft threads are in fact 14mm -ve. I don't know why KWA did this and to be honest, its a minor annoyance that can be corrected through Lee Precision. Lee Precision do a thread adapter that will allow you to fit whatever you want on. At the moment, I have fitted a Madbull flare function Blackside Tracer! Coincidently the Blackside tracer has markings for .45 so it all matches up!


Overall I think the Kriss Vector is a very nice looking gun. The performance in my garden is very promising for when I take it to a skirmish! I am hoping that it will perform as well as it looks! The overall finish does warrant the £330 price tag as the body has far more real world detail to it than equipment like the MP9 and MP7 .

Aside from some of the annoying problems I have mentioned, the gun is very ergonomically and I can see it being very easy to use in game. The recoil is non existent due to the super V design which kind of takes away the point of a GBB but still, it looks and sounds great!

Finally, I would desperately like KWA to get their backsides in gear and produce more magazines (both the long and short ones). This gun could be a very useful side arm however, 1 magazine is not feasible for a 30 minute or longer game!

- Well manufactured
- Sound great
- Good weight
- High capacity gas magazine
- Interesting fire selector modes
- 16mm thread
- QD mount on the wrong side
- 3 rails not 4.
Esthetism rating: 8/10
Performance rating: 8/10
Precision rating: 9/10
Accessories rating: 8/10
Quality rating: 10/10
Overall rating:

Usb75 The reason they put on a 16mm thread is because it's a 45. The real steel has a 16mm as well :)

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