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I purchased a pair of Propper's Light Weight Tactical Trousers as part of my admin uniform for Mind Game Productions and have been wearing them to almost every milsim/airsoft event ever since. If you “like” us on Facebook, you can see these Coyote Brown Pants in action in several of our albums. So needless to say, they've been through their paces with me.


Lets start by looking at all the features these pants offer. They are made of a 65/35 Poly Cotton blend that make them a little warm but extremely comfortable. They are extremely durable, featuring rip-stop material, as well as DuPont ™ TEFLON (R) protection making it resistant to wrinkles, fading and stains. The waist band gets away from the “comfort stretch” fit, which is a relief to me. Propper has featured an action stretch waistband, which provides a solid waistband where appropriate (front and back) and an elastic waistband on the sides, making concealed weapons carry possible without having to go up a size in waist. The belt loops are also conveniently located to not interfere with a holster, whether interior or open carried, and are both wide & large enough to accommodate any tactical belt.

Pockets: I kept finding them, and I’m not sure that Propper even knows…even the pockets have pockets. The rear pockets are extra deep and secured with a Velcro closure, but feature a smaller “wallet” pocket within each pocket in order to keep it from shifting in transit. The front pockets are also very caverness, with the right one featuring two smaller interior pockets and can be used for loose change or even a spare handcuff key. A convenient cell-phone pocket is located on the left, which is advertise to fit a blackberry, but also fits my iPhone 4g. I doubt it will fit any of the larger androids, as it is a pretty narrow pockets. The are also your typical cargo style pockets on either side.


Fade, shrink and wrinkle resistant
DuPont™ Teflon® fabric protector repels stains and liquids
Low profile appearance for use both on and off duty
Includes D-ring for keys or tools
Extra-large belt loops designed for nylon duty belt
Action-stretch waistband for enhanced comfort
Reinforced seat and knee
Zipper fly with sturdy snap closure
Nine-pocket design
Two cargo pockets with hook and loop closure
Two hook and loop back pockets with wallet “pocket in a pocket”
Two front pockets with reinforced opening for folding knife or tool clip
Internal openings for knee pads
Cell phone pocket with hook and loop closure
Two hidden coin pockets
Comes with a FREE matching belt


Like i mentioned earlier, I’ve really been putting these through the ringer. I have used these pants while at the US Airsoft Expo in Ohio, to every Mind Game Productions Event I have attended, to Urban Search and Rescue training. They have stood up to the torture of traveling, and coming from a guy that uses Fabreeze in the place of an iron, the wrinkle/stain free protection is an added bonus and one else worry I have. While I did mention they were a little warm, it has more to do with the material then the design, and making these pants 100% cotton would defeat the purpose entirely.

Being that I carry a radio both at work and as an admin for MGP, the reinforced pocket lips on the right/left hand pockets are an ingenious design. Many of my work pants tend to fray in that area because they were design for nothing more then car keys, cash, and the occasional warming of your hands.

Another feature that I like, and this has more to do with Propper then these pants, are the standard sizes between the different products. With propper, a size 38 waist is the same in all sizes, which makes it extremely convenient when purchasing a pair of pants from another of Propper’s series.


Over all, if your a Law Enforcement Officer, Firefighter looking for a strong EMS or USAR pant, or into the PMC look for MilSim, I would highly recommend these pants. The construction and durability will guaranteed a long lasting pair of pants in the tough conditions, and the added features of storage and concealment, especially in today’s world, make this a convenient pair of pants for off-duty as well.

- Comfortable
- Lots of storage
- strategic storage
- included belt
- lots of colors
- Warm
Esthetism rating: 9/10
Performance rating: 9/10
Precision rating: 9/10
Accessories rating: 9/10
Quality rating: 9/10
Overall rating:

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