VooDoo Tactical 30" Discrete Weapons Case

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This year at Shot Show, VooDoo Tactical introduced their new line of tactical gear that was dressed down from the familiar tactical look, and dressed up for the more subdued crowd. The VooDoo Discrete line was designed with what the title indicates, discretion in a culture that is nervous around firearms.

The subtle black case w/chocolate accents, and square shape of the 30? Weapons Case could easily be mistaken by prying eyes as an instrument case or any other stylish case. The absence of MOLLE or military style pouches on the outside also hide the fact that the cases intention is for anything other then weapons.

The material of the case however, does not alter from what you would expect from a military/tactical weapons case. Constructed out of 1000D Cordura Nylon and YKK locking zippers, with both the handles and shoulder straps reinforced with padded straps.

The interior features 2 hook & loop straps on each side and a padded divider, allowing you to safely carry to rifles. The soft padding that divides the two guns can be removed should it become wet, or need to be changed. The sides of the weapons case are also heavily padded, giving added protection from outside impact.

The Good

I truly believe that when you purchase your first firearm/airsoft replica, you should also spend the money on a weapons case. It is unsafe to travel with your replica in your car out in the open, or with nothing more then a towel over it. Even though it is considered a “toy” by many, many states still class them as a type of firearm, and legal or not, cops will treat it like a threat should they see it in the open.nnThe fact that this Weapons case is not shaped like a rifle, is not nearly as tactical with MOLLE all over the outside, means that it will attract less attention from “know-it-all” on-lookers that truly know nothing about firearms. It makes it easier for me to take my airsoft replica into the store or Arena when in a public parking lot.

The Good (con'd)

While many might say that the 30? length is not enough to carry a long rifle, it is able to carry my G&G RK99 with the stock folded and my KWA RIS with the stock all the way in. Some of the longer AR platforms will fit if you turn the gun at an angle as well.

The Not So Good

While I’m grateful for the lack of excessive pouches or MOLLE on the outside of the weapons case, I would have liked a place to put small tools or a place to put my battery. I would’ve like to have seen a pocket that you could have accessed from the outside via zipper, but I understand why there wasn’t one, to cut down on the “tactical” look of the case.


This is the first weapons case that I’ve owned that a) is in some shape or form of a weapon or b)some sort of camo color, which lends to ease of transport in the public eye. No longer will the lady running by my house while I load my car up for a major up run into the garbage cans. The guy next door can stop clipping the same branch in his front yard while trying to see the complex stack of gear, camera cases, and rifle bags in the backseat.

While the 30? Discrete Weapons case I own is black, a chocolatey color is also available, with black accents, which also lends itself to a slick, discrete look.

I highly recommend this Weapons Case and am excited to see the rest of the VooDoo Discrete line. I could easily overcome the lack of small storage in this case if there is a VooDoo Discrete deployment bag, or 3-day pack that could hold on my gear for a major op.

- Holds 2 Guns
- Discrete
- Sharp looking colors
- Lack of Small Storage
Esthetism rating: 9/10
Performance rating: 9/10
Precision rating: 9/10
Accessories rating: 7/10
Quality rating: 9/10
Overall rating:

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