Tachyon OPS HD Night Vision Camera

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Model HD Night Vision Camera
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There are many action cameras out there which offer the ability to capture footage of different sports including airsoft. However what happens when you film most your footage in the dark?

Are there any good action cameras that can deal with low light situations and give out a good enough footage to work with?


The Tachyon OPS HD NV Camera is made of polymer throughout, apart from the camera lens and the back cover which covers that of the data cable socket and the micro SD memory slot. The camera is box shaped with a small cylindrical extrusion which houses the main lens of the camera system. The sides of the camera have circular grooves which allow for mounting of the camera to different systems.


The back of the camera contains two switches, the operation button and a micro SD Card slot which allows up to 64 GB storage. One of those switches presets whether the camera shoots in video or in the form of 5 megapixel photos. The other switch locks the camera's operation function.nnThe camera uses a proprietary data cable which is actually a good thing as it prevents the wrong cable from being used and damaging the camera itself. The camera itself is not capable of taking impact from a BB or any other force, however it does come with a cover which allows the camera to be used in airsoft or paintball. It also gives some ressistance to some environmental effects such as rain and dirt. Even if the cover gets damaged or comprimised, it is only $10 to replace as it is made of cheap rubber and can be bought in short quantities.


The Tachyon camera has been able to last between 4 and 6 hours which is a very long time considering what other action cameras can do on a single charge. The camera can be charged in three hours if near flat. The sound quality of the camera is not the best and can be muffled when used alongside it's cover. However the sound is not the main feature of the camera, although you would be able to hear yourself and any other actions which are easy to hear or loud noises. The video quality is dependent on the environment, just like any other action camera. However unlike most cameras which thrive on daylight and naturally rich light sources, this action camera thrives in low light levels mixed with IR torches or illuminator.

This camera is the Riddick of cameras!

Although this camera can't see in Pitch Black, it is the closest an action camera will get to seeing in lower light or even pitch black with the assistance of an IR torch.nnI'm not going to talk about the video quality other than the fact that it is 720p at 30fps. It has some lens distortion of a fish eye effect however it is not as badly distorted as other action cameras make it. I would not review this product without evidence of video quality so I've included that of the a few videos themselves. Some of these videos are post produced however they are still filmed with that of the Tachyon OPS HD NV Camera.


I have to say that this camera is simple and cheap for what it is however it is unique due to the fact that it has the ability to see in the dark with assistance. This camera is a good alternative especially when filming in low light scenarios. However if you are going to use this camera for general use then I would highly recommend you find another action camera as this camera will not give very good video quality in daylight.

- Night Vision
- Small Construction
- Marginally Cheap
- Colour Distortion in Daylight
- Low Quality HD 720p
- Requires IR Illuminator
Esthetism rating: 8/10
Performance rating: 7/10
Precision rating: 7/10
Accessories rating: 8/10
Quality rating: 7/10
Overall rating:

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