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It is becoming increasingly popular to paint or even hydro dip your rifle and other accessories in different forms of camouflage. The main problem with these is that they tend to be semi-permanent options which can be quite costly especially when you decide to reverse the process.

Is there an alternative? Some people have been using camouflage tape on certain parts of their rifles but sometimes it doesn't look as good as the painted or hydro dip finish.


Each mag wrap is meant to cover one side of a magazine and comes in a precut sheet of the vinyl. The vinyl is made of high quality 3M Controltac which is a very durable film, allowing for any form of graphic to be applied to it. The mag wraps however only cover the lower portion of the magazine as to give freeflow for the magazine to reach the magwell (This varies on the magazine being used and the magwell being applied to).

3M Controltac Specifications

Controltac Plus Graphic Marking Film Series 180 are durable, dimensionally stable, glossy vinyl films which may be screen printed for the production of attractive multi-coloured emblems, labels, markings, striping and signs for commercial and industrial applications which will withstand severe weather and handling conditions. For more information click on link:

Package Contents - USA via US Night Vision

If you are purchasing from the USA, the price will range from $19.95 and would comprise of two pairs of vinyl fabric for two magazines.

Package Contents - United Kingdom via Torrendo Distribution

If you are purchasing from the UK, the price will range from £5.99 and would comprise of one pair of vinyl fabric for one magazine.


When I first started applying the mag wraps to a general stanag magazine, I started the wrong way round due to the lack of specification of which side of the magazine is presumed as the front so the different sides could be applied. This not only showed how silly I was, but also showed how forgiving the mag wraps are to being removed and reapplied. (I ended up reapplying the vinyl pair four times). Before you start applying the mag wraps to the magazine, you should face the magazine towards you facing from the back as if you were about to place it in the magwell. From here you can ensure that you don't make the same mistake as me with the application of the right and left sides of the mag wraps.


The first side of the mag wrap to be applied is the right hand side. You can peel the vinyl off to expose the adhesive side, however be careful that you don't peel and cut through the precut slits which allow for the fabric to be shaped on surfaces with grooves. The vinyl can be applied from the centre and slowly pressed from the centre of the mag to the edges. The left side can then be applied however instead of applying from the centre, it is best to start from the edge to ensure that the most coverage is reached on the surface being applied. I would personally start from the front of the magazine and press slowly towards the back of the magazine. Ensuring that the excess vinyl reaches the back of the magazine and not the front. Extra: If you would like all the grooves of the magazine to show through the mag wraps, you can use a hair dryer or heat gun to slowly apply heat to different parts of the mag wrap in order to stretch the vinyl and press it against the grooves.


The vinyl is very tough and durable. It is waterproof, cold resistant, scratch resistant and is not very easy to peel off without intent. The vinyl was also torture tested using sandpaper to see how long it would take for the vinyl colours to fade. It took quite a bit of sanding for the vinyl to shred however the colour never faded.


The mag wraps come in different camouflage patterns including that of the Hot Shots calendar photos. This means that all the popular camouflage patterns are already available and more are to be released in the future. Here is a list of the currently available patterns: Mandrake, A-TACS FG, Digital Navy, Highlander, Typhon, All Terrain Tiger, Digital Desert, Digital Urban, and A-TACS AU.


The USNV Mag Wraps are very durable and of very high quality. They are very easy to apply and are fairly priced. The mag wraps however only cover most of the magazine and not all of it. For real steel use, this is useful however for airsoft, this may not be a practical requirement and can make the magazine look ugly when not in the magwell (opinionated thought). This product is however a very good idea and hope that more vinyls come out for that of rifles and accessories as well. This is a very cheap alternative to hydrodipping or painting.

USNV Mag Wraps are in-store now at:

- Not Permanent
- Easy to Apply
- Cheap
- Very Durable
- Variety of Camo Patterns
- Does not Fully Cover Magazine
- Finish Varies on Application
Esthetism rating: 9/10
Performance rating: 8/10
Precision rating: 7/10
Accessories rating: 9/10
Quality rating: 10/10
Overall rating:

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