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I bought this Mich 2002 clon, for 59.95 Euros . I have used this helmet since there 12 times.

It is just more than only a Helmet it´s a tactical platform for accessories. It makes a solid feeling. Outside it feels like rubber with sand, just like the real thing. Inside there is a metal covering which is green painted. This supports the feeling of the Real one. Which I also impress is that you can model the pads in the inside of the helmet this makes it easier to take Headsets into this helmet. But this Pads are so plump that if you don’t clutch the bands it will shake all the time during you move your head this is in some situations very annoying. But if you tie it strong enough it will hold.

Weight: 980g
Available colors: Black,Tan,Green
Accessories: Side Rails,Velcro Tape, NVG Mount
Come with: Helmet/ Helmet bag

The straps

The straps are in the back and also in the front fully adjustable, this allows to configure it on every head size.nnWhat also is a good feature of this helmet is if you were goggles they will fit into the helmet and you have not the problem such like with the Fast helmet.nnOn the side there are Rail plots which are removal. But if you bought this helmet there is no Ris with it. In the front is a NVG mount but by now I have never used it and it would be hard to say a lot of this. It makes a solid look and is removal.


A nice helmet, comfortable to wear. The price I think is a little bit to high but all in all it is a good chose. The only con are the plump pads. I think he´ll done a good job in the future.

- comfortable
- price
Esthetism rating: 7/10
Performance rating: 7/10
Precision rating: 7/10
Accessories rating: 7/10
Quality rating: 7/10
Overall rating:

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