KWA KRISS VECTOR GBB with video review

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Brand KWA
Propulsion Spring
Shoot modes Semi-auto
Cost 425 USD
Magazine cap 49
Weight 2690 Grams
Size 615 Cms
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Creation date November 05, 2013
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Kriss Vector GBB, maybe one of the more anticipated airsoft replicas that has been released lately, and I got my hands on one. Yes, I did not buy it because it wasn't a Russian replica. And I always thought it looked a little bit strange. But when I was offered to try it out and do a review on it I felt like

And now I want it for my self!!!

The box

It comes in normal box with nice graphics on it with a picture of the Kriss Vector and the some safety labels e.t.c and inside the replica is protected from shipping by Styrofoam and it is nothing out of the ordinary. Although there is nothing more than a small piece of Styrofoam to protect the replica from the top. Inside there is of course the replica GBB Kriss Vector itself and 2 GBB magazines, one hop-up and one front sight adjustment tools. Also in the box is a Hephaestus Recoil Power Kit. And last but not least a operators manual. Here I have to say something about the manual, it is the most detailed manual I have ever seen, a true testament to KWA. There is everything you need as a owner of the Kriss Vector, it is so detailed that there is a complete parts list of all component including parts name and description. Also full take down / field-strip description. So no worries about taking it a part and rebuilding it. So first impressions are great!


So picking up the replica the first thing you notice is how tight and wobble free it feels, shaking it and there is no wobble what so ever. All switches and charging handles feel rock solid, the first few tries on the safety and fire mode switches felt a bit stiff though but after a using them for a while and being worn in they now works like they should. This Kriss comes with a front grip installed so no need the get one of those. It really feels good in your hands. It has a full polymer body like the real one, the metal parts are the rails, front and rear sights, the sling point and outer barrel. This replica comes with full lengths top rail, one under front grip and one side rail. The side rail you can switch from one side to the other or maybe get another rail if you have a lot of accessories to put on it. Both sights are metal and flip-able so that they are not in the way if you use a red-dot scope. It has one sling-point on the stock and another under the butt-stock.


This replica has ambidextrous safety and fire-mode switches but charging handle and magazine release are not. Fire modes are semi, 2-round burst and full auto. It also got a folding stock and the stock is kept in place by a small latch on the side on the lower receiver. The butt of the stock is also adjustable up to 2 centimeters using a Allen key. The iron sights are pretty standard, nothing exceptional there, made out of metal and adjustable. It got nice trademarks and what seems to be unique serial number. There are KWA trademarks but they are very discreet and won't ruin the looks. Outer barrel got a 14mm CCW thread is you want to add a silencer/suppressor. Underneath the front sight there is a housing for a flashlight of which you'd have to buy separately.

Internals and magazines

It is fiber reinforced lower and top receiver with aluminium alloy inner frame, so it makes it very solid. The internals are like most GBB full metal with a plastic nozzle. It got quite a short inner-barrel, 125mm and 6,05mm, so it is not much longer than my KWA Glock. The magazines are of 49 round capacity and you get about one magazine of one gas fill. Maybe another half a magazine but you need to refill it with gas anyway so not that economical in gas consumption. Runs on Green Gas and got about 13 rps as standard. Field striping the replica is very easy 4 pins to take it apart and disassembles like real-steel counterpart. The bolt carrier and nozzel moves similar like the bolt on the real Kriss.

Field use!

I got to use the Kriss in an indoor CQC arena and it was as it was made for this field. I did not get to use it outdoors on a woodland field but like the real one it was made as a CQC or a PDW and that shows. It is really easy to handle in tight corners and I guess if i got some professional instructing on CQC tactics it would be even easier and more effective to use.

So what is bad about it?

So this is a great replica, but is there anything wrong with it? There are a few small things. The latch that keeps the folded stock might be a weak point on the polymer body and I could see it get worn to a point that it won't hold the stock in place. So avoid slamming it into place and save on wear and tear, and when you got the stock folded you cannot switch the safety and fire-mode switch on the right side, so left handed airsofters might feel that this is uncomfortable. I had a few magazine jams but putting some silicone in the mag will solve this. And the internals need some lube also before the first game. The iron sights were nothing special and with a face mask you will have some difficulties aiming down the sights, but a red-dot will fix that. The front lower front rail with grip felt a little wobbly out of the box, so you need to tighten that rail. The owner later dropped one of the mags on the floor and broke of one of the lips. But parts are available.

Video review

Here is a video review of this replica.

Please go watch and rate, comment and subscribe to support my channel so that I can keep doing reviews and airsoft videos.

Thanks! Hope you liked the review.


Well to conclude this review, I love this replica although the design is maybe not for everyone. And if you don't mind the price because it is quite an expensive replica, and it is in the end a pistol on steroids and you could get quite a good AEG for the same money. So if you like this design and got money to spend get it. But if you are new to airsoft or looking to get a replica for all-around use, then I would not recommend it. There are also other GBB's out there that preform as good or maybe even better but quality-wise this on the top. You can also accessorize the Kriss Vector endlessly with all that rail space so it is really up to you to get it set-up according to your gaming style. Upgrading it to woodland game-play might not be out of the question also but that might come with another high price tag.

- Quality
- Handling in CQC
- Field-strip / disasembly
- Accessories / railspace
- Precision in close quarters
- Price
- Latch for side-folding stock
- Gas consumption
Esthetism rating: 10/10
Performance rating: 9/10
Precision rating: 9/10
Accessories rating: 8/10
Quality rating: 9/10
Overall rating:

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