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Category Replicas
Subcategory Sub-machine guns
Model The Kriss
Brand KWA
Propulsion Spring
Shoot modes Semi-auto Auto
Cost 365 USD
Fire rate 20 rounds/min
Magazine cap 50
Weight 2830 Grams
Size 40 Cms
General Informations
Creation date January 02, 2014
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The KWA KRISS Vector GBB is the exclusive training counterpart to the .45 ACP KRISS Vector submachine gun and mimics every feature found in the firearm, including the patented KRISS Super V system.
Law enforcement and military professionals will appreciate the authentic replication of the external controls down to the field stripping procedures. The KWA KRISS Vector is undergoing extensive field-testing, with production and delivery scheduled for this summer.

The KRISS Vector is a weapon designed for the 21st century and has revolutionized the firearm industry. Manufacturing of the KRISS Vector began in 2006 by world renowned KRISS Arms. French engineer Renaud Kerbrat designed the action of the KRISS Super V System that redirects the bolt off-axis into a recess cavity behind the magazine well in the weapon. This effectively reduces felt recoil and muzzle climb. The KRISS Super V System allows for superior control and quick follow up shots when engaging multiple targets.

The KRISS Vector by KWA was developed in conjunction with KRISS Arms to produce an accurate training platform. It utilizes a high impact polymer on the receiver and folding stock to help reduce weight while maintaining durability and strength. All the weapon mechanics of the KRISS Vector have been transferred over and replicated in its airsoft counterpart. Realistic charging handle and functional bolt catch trains the operator proper weapon manipulation with the Kriss platform. It is capable of firing not only in both semi and full automatic modes, but also in a quick two round burst. Other features include a folding adjustable stock, flip-up front and rear sights, and threaded barrel. Utilizing both the KRISS Super V System and the KWA Force Velocity engine, the KRISS Vector by KWA provides the most realistic training experience without compromising performance.

Packaging and body.

So, I will not go on and on about how the postman looked and how awesome the box was and so on like so many people do in these kinda reviews. But I will say that the box the gun comes in is quite nice, I added a picture of it. It got a nice space for the gun and it can protect it from shipping damges and so on and it have a handle to carry it with. The body of this gun is much like the real steel one! Externally Its mostly plastic, Just like the real one, However Its quite high quality and durable plastic, not like one of those that just breaks into pieces if you accidentally drop it on the floor or something! And behind that outer plastic body, Inside there's a Aluminum Alloy inner frame. As for the internals, Everything that needs to be metal, Is metal! Including all internal parts and Magazine catch, Lock to the foldable stock, all Pins and screws, Rails, Outer barrel, Charging handle and the foldable Iron sights that come with the gun.

Test shooting!

So, after filling one magazine with gas and bullets, I started shooting on a 50cm x 50cm metal plate set up 30meters away, and I must say, I could barly belive my own eyes. Despite of the windy weather, I hit every single bullet within a 20cm-25cm spread. All 50rds. That is right out of the box aswell! No upgrades, No modifications at all! I have never seen a rifle this accurate right out of the box in my life! The FPS is 350-360 with 0,25g BBs. Because of the power in this Rifle, I would personally recommend using either 0,25g or 0,28g BBs since you then get amazing accuracy aswell as quite decent power!


The Magazines for this is quite amazing, I have 3x 50rds magazines which I bought from Ebairsoft.com and Im very impressed with them. The 50round magazines are quite large and heavy, but you can fill up a lot of gas in them! I did a test with wanting to know how many BBs you can fire without losing any power and I shot 130 BBs on ONE magazine without filling up more gas! At the last bullets, it started to shoot alittle weaker but it kept through all of it and was able to hit the target. The magazines are 100% metal except for a plastic cover around the bottom that I recommend having on since the magazine can become very cold and uncomfortable to hold. I Have used the magazines now in a few events and there's not a single gas leak yet, I havnt replaced any parts on them. The only complaints I have about the magazines are their price at 80$ each for the 50rds ones and 46$ for the 22rds ones, and that they have PLASTIC feeding lips.

Fire modes

A special thing to mention on this gun, is its fire modes. First of all the selector switch is ambidextrous so its comfortable to use for both left handed and right handed people! And on the selector switch you can switch between: Semi, Two round burst or Full auto!nnAs for the two round burst, this is the first gun to have this! Its amazing to use! When you shoot, the gun keeps its accuracy but the bullets flies right over eachother, not to the sides, so you get to hit the same target two times! A thing to beware of though is that if you have the gun on Semi-automatic, and then switch to Two round burst, the FIRST shot after that, will be Semi-automatic and then after that it will be burst.

Parts and Accessories

I will write here what parts that I recommend getting for the gun, aswell as What I use on it. What I have on The Kriss: Optic: www.ebairsoft.com/dytac-sight-with-mount-p-4248.html Silencer: www.ebairsoft.com/maple-leaf-kriss-airsoft-sound-suppressor-16mm-14mm-p-6975.html Inner Barrel: www.ebairsoft.com/mapleleaf-stainless-steel-inner-barrel-kriss-310mm-p-6900.html So, First of all I use a Micro T1 as optics since its a very good redot and it looks awesome and words perfectly on this gun. you can adjust the dot and brightness on it. I also use a silencer on this because I installed the MapleLeaf inner barrel, which is 180mm longer than the original barrel, so it sticks out of the flashider by 18cm. I also installed a Innerbarrel for The Kriss by MapleLeaf because I wanted to improve the accuracy. With this it also increase the volocity up to 400FPS using 0,25g BBs. I would recommend Mapleleaf and I think they are on the same line as PDI and Prometheus

Other parts you can get

A lot of people who buy The Kriss want MORE recoil on it, eventhough the bolt and recoil system is just like the real one, so if you do want this, then you can get a own Recoil set that pushes the recoil backwards instead of down. redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airsoft/Accessories_Conversion_Kits_GBB_Hephaestus_Recoil_Power_Kit_for_KWA_Kriss_Vector.htm KWA 22rds Magazine: redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airsoft/Magazines_KWA_KWA_22rds_Magazines_for_KWA_Kriss_Vector.htm KWA 50rds Magazine: redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airsoft/Magazines_KWA_KWA_49rds_Extended_Magazines_for_KWA_Kriss_Vector.htm In the front of the SMG there is also a own compartment for putting in either a flashlight or laser, for this I would recommend this: redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airsoft/Accessories_Flashlights_Night_Evolution_Kriss_Vector_Tactical_Light.htm


As for complains about this gun, I have quite few.nThe rifle have a very good quality, there are no wobble at all except for the magazine, its low maintainance and so on. For complaints there are a few key points: 1.The threadings on the outerbarrel is 16mm positive, not 14mm like all other guns have. They made it 16mm because the real one uses 45. cal so that is the size of the barrel. 2.Its not easy to find reserve parts for this gun, but then again NOTHING have broken on mine. 3.The hopup is very tricky to adjust eventhough it does come with a tool for it. I attached a photo of where you adjust it, its infront of the bolt. 4.The selector switch can be a bit hard in the start and difficult to move. 5.Expensive magazines


In conclusion, If you do want a Kriss, BUY IT. Its a amazing gun! It have no wobble if you dont count the magazine in. It is very well manifactured and have a overall very good finish and quality.

I think that 365$ for the gun is well worth it, but you must keep in mind that you need some extra mags that cost 80$ each if you buy the 49rds ones and 46$for the 22rds ones.
Personally I would recommend having 2-3 extra mags if you go for the 49rds ones.

If anyone want me to write about something specific or want me to explain something about the gun or just have questions about it, Feel free to comment here.

I will also make instructions to how to disassemble and how to install a new inner barrel and so on if reqested.

- Amazing Accuracy.
- Good firepower.
- Reliable and durable and need little maintainance.
- Well built and designed.
- Comfortable and good to handle.
- Expensive Magazines
- Have 16mm threads instead of 14mm
- Is so awesome it will make you drool.
Esthetism rating: 10/10
Performance rating: 10/10
Precision rating: 10/10
Accessories rating: 9/10
Quality rating: 10/10
Overall rating:

armysurplusandtoys been using the kriss for a while love it! simple!

4 years ago

valkyra.operator Does Glock magazines fit in kriss ?

4 years ago

Toukan No, Sadly they dont. The Kriss magazines are a bit thicker and such.

4 years ago

valkyra.operator thats a pity :(

4 years ago

Toukan Indeed. They would fit on the real steel, So its a shame indeed that they wont fit to the airsoft version.

4 years ago

valkyra.operator Great review ! you help me very much

4 years ago

Toukan Thank you! If you have any questions, just ask away

4 years ago

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