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Category Replica Accessories
Subcategory Magazines
Model P Mag
Brand Magpul
Propulsion Electric
Cost 16.99 EUR
Magazine cap 75
Weight 110 Grams
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Creation date January 10, 2014
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This is my Review about the PTS P Mags.

1.1 Fakts
1.2 Ingame experiences
1.3 Specification

1.1 Fakts
Weight 110g
Available Colors: Foliage Green (FG),Black Color(BK)
Green (OD), Dark Earth (DE)
Materials: ABS plastic
Capacity: 75 BBs

1.2 I use by now this P Mag since a half year in my HK G36( with M4 convention Kit )and they work great. The only think is that they would not fit in every Magwell . But with the time it goes. Also nice is that there are many attachments avialble ( like Ranger Floor Plate, Rubber Sticks ... ). These mags are extrem light ( 110g), this makes it easier to wear more mags without more weight.Also they are extrem robust. You can trow them to a wall and they have nothing and will feed like before.

1.3 The mag is made out of ABS plastic, the only metal Part are the Springs in the Mag. But it is not a ceap plastic, it is a thick and strong one. It can hold up to 75 BBs. Also you have bullet dummies on every side of the Mag. This makes a cool "Real Steel" look. Also good to know is if you have a jam in this mag it is broken and difficult to Repair. The floor plate is removable.

P Mag

Some pictures of my PTS P Mags


Good solid and ceap Mags. The only bad thing you need to know, is that if you overload them they are damaged and are difficult to rapair.

- Robust
- Price with only 16.99 Euro
- Many attachments
- Difficult to repair
- Easy to overload
Esthetism rating: 7/10
Performance rating: 10/10
Precision rating: 7/10
Accessories rating: 10/10
Quality rating: 8/10
Overall rating:
Christian [A-B-N-A]

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