Tasmanian Tiger Raid Pack MKII

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Category Tactical clothing
Model Raid Pack MKII
Brand Tasmanian Tiger Raid
Cost 189.00 EUR
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Creation date January 20, 2014
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This is my Review of my Tasmanian Tiger Raid Pack MKII

1.1 Facts
1.2 Specification
1.3 Experience
1.4 Conclusion

Weight: 2.600g
Made of Cordura 700 DEN
Available colors / camos : Green , Khaki, Black, Muliticam
Volume: 45 L
Dimensions: 70 x 30 x 24 cm

Back system: Adjustable X Lite Vario-System
Subdivisions: 6

The Tasmanian Tiger Raid Pack MKII is an upgraded model of the earlier MKI. It has now Molle systems on every side, which allows for the user to attach every type of pouch he needs. This Backpack was built to work under "infernal" situations. It is very robust and can also be used in urban environments with the doors and other things where a normal mountain Backpack gets in trouble, because they are to broad. He has enough space to get everything under which it is used (also includes a gun). The back system is so well built that the user has a maximum freedom of movement, and the weight is optimally placed on the back. The Backpack is also a perfect water repellent, it holds everything dry and supports the operator as good as possible.

My personal experience is that the TT Raid Pack MKII is one of the best Backpacks for its money, available. It has Molle systems on every side except the back. Also nice is that there are two side compartments which allows me to get fast reach on everything I need. In every side compartments is a Bungee strap and a net which holds usually my toothbrush and things like that, this is perfect for little things which need to be fast accessible. On the top is also a big compartment, this is very specific, because it is very flat and things can fall fast out if you had to open it. Under that one is your Medic Pouch, this Pouch or compartment is for medical equipment which has more than sufficient room. Now to the middle compartment, this is the largest part of the whole backpack. I think it must be between 20 and 25L . Now up to the last compartment, this is under the main one and can be opened (inside ) to carry for example a gun with you. If not this is good to separate clothes or thing like that.
The MKII has also a X Lite Vario System which allows the user to configure this backpack to his back.

Source ASMC


Sorry for the indoor photos.


Nice rentable military backpack. It works great under most situations. Also looks great and can hold a lot. All in all, a great choice. The only bad thing is the upper compartment, which is flat and things can easy fall out of it.

- Vario x lite
- Molle
- Robust
- Rentable
- Upper compartment
Esthetism rating: 9/10
Performance rating: 8/10
Precision rating: 10/10
Accessories rating: 10/10
Quality rating: 10/10
Overall rating:
Christian [A-B-N-A]

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