CYMA M14 CM.032 EBR from

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Category Replicas
Subcategory Assault rifle
Model CM.32 EBR
Brand CYMA
Propulsion Electric
Shoot modes Semi-auto Auto
Cost 211.64 GPB
Magazine cap 400
Weight 4060 Grams
Size 140 Cms
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Creation date March 04, 2014
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The AEG arrived as most (If not all) Cyma products do, in an unassuming, innocuous and very plain, when compared to some manufacturers, brown cardboard box with the company designation: CM.032 EBR emblazoned on it, along with the usual "Chinglish" phrases such as "Do not shoot at any human or animal...Ultra-cool styling" and "Use 6mm BB bullet high quality" along with a Marui type Hop up marking. There were also the usual warnings and a "1/1 real scale completed high type air sport gun" on the outside. The box doesn’t really do the product contained within any favours, if you were to purchase this from a shop just based on the look of the external box, sadly you would probably overlook this and you’d be missing out.

Upon opening the box, I was pleasantly surprised. The illustration on the front was a silver/grey looking gun, with all the metal parts being silver and the plastic black, but inside was a completely matt black M14 EBR...nice. It was securely housed in cut-out grey/black foam along with a covering lid to protect it.


Included in the box is a 400 round Hicap mag, battery and charger, a small bag of white bb’s and instruction set (which to be honest all went straight in the bin). There is also a nice little mag winding key (Inserts into a small hole in the side of the Hicap), this helps save your fingers in using the mag-wheel on the bottom of the hi-cap magazine. Plus I’ve found in practice much quicker to do via a key as well.

Build Quality!

I've owned a TM M14 before and I was looking forward to comparing the two, as I keep hearing how the Cyma and TM M14’s are compatible for the most part I wasn't disappointed when I lifted it out of the box, as it's a nice weight, without feeling too heavy like some EBR’s do (KART anyone?) and the build quality is so much better than the KART version as well. Ok, it isn't the build quality of a G&P, but do you know what? This gun feels comparable to many a "High-end" AEG! There, I said it. You heard it here first people. "China clones are getting almost as good as the guns they are cloning!" and if like many players you’re going to ‘upgrade’ internals with high speed motors or fit with whatever other Gucci enhancements take your fancy – you may wish to consider this cheaper base platform to start with.

This AEG is fitted with a RIS which makes it heavy, so watch what you add. Talking of weight watch that front sling attachment point, I have my doubts with the strain it can withstand.


The only thing I can find to gripe about the gun is that it doesn't have the "Classic" EBR collapsible stock (MOD O) that you see on many other EBR’s. Instead, Cyma have opted for a crane stock that accepts the included 8.4v Nun-chuck battery with ease. In fact this style stock is what is currently fitted to EBR’s out in the field making this a MK14 MOD1 EBR. So is the stock design on this version a deal breaker? No, not really, as the crane stock is fully adjustable plus it can accept aftermarket stocks like Magpul type ones, if that's what floats your sailing vessel. Am I happy with my purchase? You betcha!

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- price
- quality
- tight bore barrel
- great hop unit
- weak from sling point
Esthetism rating: 7/10
Performance rating: 7/10
Precision rating: 8/10
Accessories rating: 8/10
Quality rating: 7/10
Overall rating:

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