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Category Tactical clothing
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Model LWMS
Brand Pantac USA
Cost 30-150 USD
Weight 220 Grams
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Creation date April 02, 2014
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Pantac recently introduced the LWMS, or Lightweight Modular System, which is fully user-configurable for any mission. LWMS allows for a custom configuration with any chest panel, shoulder harness, or pack.

Chest Rigs

There are currently 3 options for the chest panel. The Skeleton MOLLE Panel is a non-backed set of MOLLE webbing. Once assembled with pouches, the Skeleton Panel is as stable as a standard MOLLE chest rig, only lighter.

The Mk1 and Mk2 Chest Rigs are both static rigs with pre-installed pouches. The Pantac LWMS Mk1 has two Double M4 Open Top mag pouches in the center with shock cord retention. On top of these pouches are 4 pistol or multi-tool pouches. These will hold single or double stack magazines, flashlights, or tools. The side pouches can be used for radios, but also hold two AR magazines. This rig also leaves a double column of MOLLE webbing on either side of the vest to allow for a level of customization on the panel.

LWMS MK2 Chest Rig

The LWMS Mk2 is their flagship chest rig, with the most advanced pouch configuration. 4 open-top M4 mag pouches have kydex inserts for positive retention, with shock cord for additional security. On the right side on top of the M4 mag pouches, a wider admin pouch is attached. This is large enough to hold a grid reader, notebook, or other supplies. Two pistol mag pouches or tool pouches sit next to the admin pouch. The side pouches are designed to hold either radios or two M4 magazines.

Harness Options

Any of the chest rigs can be enhanced with the addition of the LWMS Admin Pouch, which velcros into the chest rig and affixes to the shoulder straps.

Once you've selected a chest panel, there are 4 options for support. The X-Harness is the most basic, and offers simple shoulder straps for any rig. The H-Harness is adjustable, and adds additional MOLLE webbing on the shoulder straps. The Hydration Harness offers a 2.5L Water Reservoir pouch which clips into the rig in place of the straps for integrated hydration solution. For those who need even more kit, Pantac offers the LWMS Multi-Purpose Backpack (not pictured). This pack also supports any of the chest rigs, and provides storage and hydration for longer missions.

Pantac LWMS Packs

As an added bonus, both the Hydration Harness and the Multi-Purpose Backpack can be worn as a standalone pack using included (detachable) shoulder straps, or can be MOLLE mounted to a vest or plate carrier.

In the original system, Pantac's LWMS tactical gear provides a number of options, allowing a combination of light rigs, hydration, integrated kit, or a full chest rig and assualt pack. Construction is fully up to Pantac's high standards, with triple stitched seams, reinforced areas, and top quality materials.


As you can see, the Pantac USA LWMS kit is available in Coyote, Ranger Green, and A-TACS FG, as well as Black, A-TACS AU, Desert Digital, and Multicam. The solid color pieces are constructed of 1000D Cordura material, while all the patterned models are 500D Cordura for weight savings. The camo versions use printed or woven webbing to keep the color consistent. As with all Pantac USA items, these have a full lifetime warranty.

As versatile as the LWMS chest rigs are, we've done some custom modifications to add another layer of modularity to this kit. Check out our Custom Pantac Mk2 Clip-in Chest Rig Mod.

- Lightweight
- Modular
- Customizable
- Lifetime Warranty
- Higher Price
- Clip on Rig is Custom
Esthetism rating: 7/10
Performance rating: 9/10
Precision rating: 9/10
Accessories rating: 6/10
Quality rating: 10/10
Overall rating:
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