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This is my review for the VSO Gorka-3

VSO (Vityaz Special Purpose) manufactures replicas of Russian uniforms, vests and much more. The production and headquarters is in Belarus. However, the sale and shipping is in Poland.

Lets come now to the experiences I've made:

I had made my order at VSO already over a year ago. The communication was in English and proceeded via email. The payment was made via PayPal and after the transfer, the production should had started right there because I ordert it in my size.

However, there were delays because the version that I had ordered first could not be produced right away because there were delays with the fabric. And then there were unfortunately miscommunication between Belarus and Poland, resulting in more delays. After I changed my order to standat olive, the order was as described produced within three weeks and then went within a week by mail to me.

Now we come to the Gorka:

In the package everything was included, X-Suspenders, trousers and jacket.
Only two small flaws struck me.
That would be that all buttonholes hade to be separated from hand by me and an excess fabric corner which you can see on the pictures. Not very tragic but there is still a one big flaw I must mention.

The sleeves are too wide. Although I have ordered a very large version of the Gorka. But I know of friends who have ordered from VSO in a smaller size and he made exactly the same experience.

You wonder probably how far the sleeves are. Let me say I can fit both arms in throg one sleev and there is still space.
However, after I washed the Gorka the sleeves have become smaller but not much.

But the quality is great and is in no way inferior to SSO.
The stitching is simple but very clean and tight over the entire Gorka, inside and out side. The buttons are not like the ones from SSO but that does not mean that they are of a poor quality.
The fabric is very comfortable and pleasant. The Gorka is when he comes new completely waterproof (impregnated). After the first wash this effect is lost but only on the cotton sections of the Gorka.

VSO Homepage: vitiazspec.com/
VSO Facebook: www.facebook.com/vso.polska


Some will probably think why I have not bought a original SSO Gorka. It's not that I have not tried it, but it's depressingly difficult to find a Gorka in size 62. And if you can find one, that is not outrageously expensive. So VSO was a gift from the gods as I inquired what the biggest size was that they produce. Then they asked me what size I would like, I said 62/64. And in response I got that 64 is no problem and that they can make even bigger sizes. In hindsight, I must say that 64 was too big.

Would I order again at VSO:
Well yes I have just given a new order.

Esthetism rating: 10/10
Performance rating: 8/10
Precision rating: 5/10
Accessories rating: 5/10
Quality rating: 10/10
Overall rating:

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