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I have field tested a new mouth guard by SISU. I'm quite impressed.

SISU 1.6 Mouth Guards

The SISU Mouth Guards are a for those who don't use face protection but want to ensure that their teeth stay intact.
I received my package in the mail within in just a few days of ordering. After opening the packaging which can also be used to store your mouth guard when not in use, I followed the directions on how to mold the special formulated flat plastic to my teeth. It's quite simple,, you heat water to 130-140 degrees and place the flat guard in the water for about 10 to 12 seconds. You just align your teeth on the flat non-perforated strip. Using your fingers and tongue you mold the guard around your teeth.
It takes about two minutes for the mouth guard to be as ridged as it was when I started.
I used the the SISU Mouth Guard this past weekend at two different mission days. I hardly noticed I was wearing the SISU Mouth Guard. Breathing was not a problem and drinking was just as easy as if I wasn't wearing a mouth guard,


Over all I feel that the SISU 1.6 Mouth Guard is a superior mouth guard over any other product on the market. The SISU Mouth Guard comes with a "$30,000 Dental Warranty".
You can breathe easier, drink normally and speak with the SISU Mouth Guard. I can't say that about other mouth guards I have tried.

Esthetism rating: 10/10
Performance rating: 10/10
Precision rating: 10/10
Accessories rating: 10/10
Quality rating: 10/10
Overall rating:
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