S-Thunder Milsim Grenade Launchers

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Model AGL
Brand S-Thunder
Propulsion Gas
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Creation date July 05, 2011
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?S-Thunder released a bunch of new Milsim Grenade Launchers? a couple of weeks ago. In 2010 we\'ve already had some fun playing with their first model, the AGL SB01. In your pocket as a second replica, it\'s a perfect mix of fun and efficiency (we still need to try this in CQBs). S-Thunder now produces 6 different types of grenade launchers.

S-Thunder Grenade Launchers

The AGL SB01 : A short barrel grenade launcher suitable for Gas Powered Grenades, Foam Ball Grenades, or any 40mm / M203 Grenades (69.99 Dollars).nThe AGL SB02 : A short barrel Full Metal grenade launcher (99.99 Dollars).nThe AGL-SB11 : A long barrel Composite grenade launcher designed for the S-Thunder long barrel foam grenade and longer 40mm shells (74.99 Dollars).nThe AGL-SB21 and the AGL-SB21A (149.99 Dollars)nThe AGL-SB22 : A long barrel grenade launcher kit (174.99 Dollars)nLandmines : I'd just add that they also have this kind of gas landmines.

Video demonstration

Check the video (2.30) for a demonstration. That's pure fun.

Esthetism rating: 6/10
Performance rating: 5/10
Precision rating: 5/10
Accessories rating: 7/10
Quality rating: 7/10
Overall rating:

Phoenix This is awesome, you just posted a vid of two of the guys I know from NEASG! :)
Great review, thank's for the information.

7 years ago

ghostleader I have two M203 Grenades on CO2. After filling, I've used them after 6 hours and they fired in perfect condition. Ussualy, at CA and other brands, after 2 hours the gas is out and cannot be used. So yes, they are the best buy if you use grenades.

7 years ago

Juice Great review. Ever since I got rid of my double barrel I have been looking for a solid replacement. Do the shells hold gas well?

7 years ago

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