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Category Replicas
Subcategory Snipers
Model M700P
Brand KJW
Propulsion Bolts
Shoot modes Single
Range 200 Feet
Magazine cap 11
Size 46.5 Inches
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Creation date June 04, 2014
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KJW M700P Airsoft Gas Sniper Rifle
- Velocity: 530 fps (0.2 g BB) / Range 200-220 feet
- Barrel Length: 27 inches / 68 cm
- Magazine Capacity: 11 Rounds
- Overall Length: 46 1/2 inches
- Super Smooth Bolt Action
- Amazing Velocity!
- Made in Taiwan


The KJW M700 is based on the world renowned Remington Model 700. This Airsoft replica boasts an AMAZING 530 FPS right out of the box! It is gas powered, so you do not need to tug on a super tight bolt to achieve such an amazing velocity. On the same note, the Bolt action sniper is easy and silky smooth.

I have worked wit this model on several occasions and I can't seem to zero in the scope that is attached. The replica that I am using is about a year old and not sure how well it was maintained. I feel that the KJW M700P is a very inaccurate weapon system. I have tried .25, .28 and even .36 BBs to no avail on having the weapon system to be close to being consistent.
The 11 round magazine is a hinderance when you can use a spring action bolt sniper rifle that utilizes a 20+ round magazine.
I do like the weight and construction of the M700P and the ease of the bolt action.


I would give this weapon system a 4 out of 10 rating.

Esthetism rating: 5/10
Performance rating: 2/10
Precision rating: 2/10
Accessories rating: 3/10
Quality rating: 5/10
Overall rating:
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