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Excellent comfort, durability and ease of maintenance.

Standard 24 inch drop. Design based on traditional kilts with symmetrical box pleats.

• Heavy Duty Cotton Drill Fabric
• Sewn-down pleats on the back
• Carpenters Flap Pockets with studs on both sides
• Antiqued brass buckles and studs
• Internal studs hold the kilt's shape
• 2 fabric straps with brass eyelets and buckles allow adjustment on the hips
• Machine washable

Tactikilt: Tactical Kilt Review

Being of Scottish descent I own and wear a full fledged 16 oz. clan kilt. I just received a black Tactikilt and I have to say I really like this product. It weighs a fraction of my clan kilt which makes it much easier and more comfortable to wear in the field. The kilt has plenty of pockets on both sides of the kilt for mags, flashlights, etc. The tactikilt comes in 4 colors combinations.


If you are brave to be different, I recommend the Tactikilt. I would love to see more kilts in the field.

Esthetism rating: 9/10
Performance rating: 9/10
Precision rating: 9/10
Accessories rating: 9/10
Quality rating: 9/10
Overall rating:
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